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### Resolved: New Galaxy S24 Technology Fixes Major Samsung Phone Flaw

Samsung is building AI that will solve a major issue with its phones.

A twist that is both surprising and intriguing is Samsung’s entry into the laptop AI competition. The introduction of this new technology by the company could potentially address the issue of feature overload, a common concern with Galaxy devices.

For years, I have been vocal about how Samsung’s flagship phones are so packed with features and settings that fully utilizing them almost feels like a daunting task. Exploring a Galaxy S phone thoroughly often leaves me with a fear of missing out, as I know there are optimizations or features buried deep within the settings menu that I might have overlooked.

While innovative features are undoubtedly beneficial, they also pose a challenge for users who may not delve into all the functionalities offered. This dilemma is not unique to Samsung but is prevalent among many smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, known for its innovative strides in the industry, has been a pioneer in introducing features like the “smart pause” feature on the Galaxy S5, which paused videos when the user looked away from the screen.

The recent advancements in Samsung’s AI technology indicate a shift towards addressing this issue. The latest update on the Galaxy S24 introduces a new AI-powered language feature called AI Live Translate Call, providing users with an integrated translator within the phone itself, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

By integrating AI into essential everyday functions, as highlighted in the launch of the Samsung Gauss AI model, Samsung aims to enhance user experience without adding to the existing feature bloat. This strategic move signifies a shift towards more practical and user-centric AI applications within the Galaxy smartphone series.

The potential applications of AI in Samsung devices are vast. From intuitive shutter controls for hands-free selfies to automatic organization of files based on user preferences, the AI capabilities could revolutionize how users interact with their devices. Additionally, features like generating personalized phone wallpapers using text-to-image technology showcase the potential for AI to streamline user interactions and simplify device usage.

While Samsung devices are known for their feature-rich offerings, leveraging AI to streamline and personalize user experiences could set them apart in the competitive market. By focusing on practical AI implementations that enhance user convenience, Samsung aims to cater to the evolving needs of its users and potentially close the gap with competitors like Apple in providing seamless and intuitive user experiences.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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