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– Powering AWS Transcription with Generative AI Technology

It recognizes 100 languages.

AWS has introduced new enhancements to its Amazon Transcribe service, introducing advanced AI-driven translation capabilities for 100 languages and a range of additional AI features for its users.

Unveiled at the AWS re:Invent event, Amazon Transcribe now supports a broader array of spoken languages and incorporates real-time transcription capabilities. Customers leveraging AWS can integrate speech-to-text functionality into their applications hosted on the AWS Cloud using Transcribe.

According to a blog post by the company, Transcribe has been trained on a vast dataset comprising “millions of hours of annotated audio data from over 100 languages.” It employs sophisticated algorithms to identify speech patterns across different languages and accents. AWS emphasized the importance of ensuring a balanced representation of various cultures in the training data to maintain accuracy across both commonly spoken and less frequently used languages.

As of late 2022, Amazon Transcribe can transcribe content in 79 languages. AWS claims that the service offers between 20% to 50% accuracy across multiple languages. Additionally, it provides features such as automated grammar correction, vocabulary practice, automatic speech recognition, and customizable language filters. Amazon Transcribe is capable of processing both audio and video recordings in noisy environments.

When queried by The Verge about historical accuracy metrics and underlying model architectures for Amazon Transcribe, AWS did not provide specific details.

The improved speech recognition capabilities of Amazon Transcribe are expected to enhance the accuracy of AWS’s Call Analytics system, commonly utilized by call center operators. By leveraging AI-driven models, Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics can summarize interactions between callers and agents, streamlining post-call reporting tasks and enabling managers to quickly extract valuable insights without reviewing entire transcripts.

While AWS leads the market in AI-powered transcription services, other competitors like Otter have been offering similar AI-driven transcription solutions to consumers and businesses. Meta has also announced its development of a language model powered by AI to interpret approximately 100 spoken languages, albeit with some distinctions.

AWS has also introduced new functionalities to its Amazon Personalization service, enabling users to provide tailored product or content recommendations to customers, akin to how streaming platforms suggest new shows based on viewing history. The Content Generation feature within Amazon Personalization facilitates the creation of recommendation lists by generating headlines or message snippets based on user preferences.

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Last modified: February 6, 2024
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