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### Unusual Tech and AI Statements Unveiled in Las Vegas at CES 2024

In an era of CES where companies are all-in on the AI hype machine, there are bound to be gadgets a…

In Las Vegas, Les 2024 is currently underway, showcasing a myriad of innovative products and concepts. While the main attractions draw attention, some of the most intriguing developments can be found in the more unconventional corners of the exhibition floor. Amidst the fervor of Les 2024, businesses are fully embracing the era of Artificial intelligence, leading to the emergence of peculiar devices and bold promises.

Here are the eight most peculiar devices, advancements, and commitments from Les 2024:

Birding lights with AI capabilities

Swarovski introduced the AX Visio 1032, a set of AI-enhanced lights priced at $4,799, catering to bird enthusiasts with budget constraints. These binoculars utilize AI technology to swiftly identify over 9,000 animals and various species, allowing users to capture and share their discoveries through photos and videos.

A device that facilitates restroom access

Flush app screen showing how much it costs to access a bathroom

Image Credits: Flush

Are you on the go and willing to pay for convenience? Flush, a web-based application, enables businesses to rent out their restrooms to customers for extra revenue. The unique feature of this app lies in its rating system, which companies use to approve or reject reservations, despite the scarcity of maintained or public restrooms in the United States.

A retro BlackBerry-style phone keyboard

Clicks Technology’s extended iPhone keyboard in BumbleBee and London Sky Large colors

Image Credits: Technology Clicks

Longing for the tactile experience of a BlackBerry keyboard on your iPhone? Technology Clicks presents the Father Keyboard, a nostalgic smartphone case attachment priced at $139, transforming your modern device into a relic of the BlackBerry era. While this keyboard may extend the lifespan of your smartphone, it also adds a touch of nostalgia to your digital experience.

Adaptive audio mixing based on driving behavior

The dashboard view of Sound Drive’s dynamic sound mixing system

Image Credits: Tim Stevens

Sound Drive.i.am, founded by a musician and investor, aims to synchronize the rhythm and energy of your commute with the music you’re listening to. This innovative technology adjusts the song’s tempo and lyrics based on your driving speed, providing a unique audio experience tailored to your journey. Despite initial skepticism, the technology left a positive impression on observers.

A network disguised as a picture frame

GL.iNet’s router that also functions as a picture frame on display at a desk

Image Credits: GL. iNet

Personalizing your tech to complement your home decor has become a trend in recent years. Whether you desire your TV to mimic a gallery painting or seamlessly blend in with your living space, companies like Samsung and LG offer solutions like the Samsung Frame and LG’s Open TV. The GL Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router takes this customization trend a step further, resembling a miniature framed artwork that can be displayed on a desk or wall.

An AI assistant capable of emergency calls

LG introduced its Smart Home AI Agent at a media conference, showcasing a “two-legged” wheeled assistant that integrates with LG devices. This conceptual AI assistant claims to exhibit empathy and engage in conversations with users, offering practical advice such as reminding you to take medication or initiating emergency calls, as depicted in a whimsical Pixar-style advertisement.

Interactive communication with your shower

Kohler’s PureWash E930 Bidet Seat that features voice commands

Image Credits: Kohler

“Hello, Alexa, activate the shower mist.” With Kohler’s PureWash E930 Bidet Seat, you can now control your bidet’s functions hands-free using voice commands compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. From activating the self-cleaning feature to adjusting the spray and dryer settings, this innovative bidet seat offers a seamless and hygienic user experience, all controlled through voice commands.

A noise-canceling helmet resembling a muzzle

Skyted’s voice capturing mask.

Image Credits: TechCrunch (opens in a new window)/ HajeKamps

Say goodbye to prying ears with Skyted’s “Mobility Privacy Mask” and “Hybrid Silent Mask,” designed to absorb sound frequencies in noisy environments like airplanes, trains, and rideshares. These innovative masks aim to provide a level of privacy for conversations, resembling something out of a sci-fi movie with their Bane-like appearance, catering to various settings including workplaces, call centers, and gaming environments.

An AI-equipped bicycle that rocks your child to sleep

GlüxKind’s AI-powered stroller

Image Credits: GlüxKind

Parenting can be overwhelming, which is why GlüxKind introduces Ella, an AI-powered stroller that gently rocks your child to sleep without manual intervention. This hands-free stroller offers features such as self-propulsion, automatic braking on inclines, and even includes a white noise machine element, providing a convenient and futuristic solution for busy parents.

Conversations with a humanoid AI companion

One of the standout products unveiled at CES is the GPT-powered WeHead, offering a physical embodiment to the virtual AI knowledge of ChatGPT. This humanoid AI companion, equipped with multiple screens and a mouth for communication, serves as a confidant for generating ideas and engaging in conversations, presenting a unique and somewhat surreal interactive experience.

An AI assistant that navigates your smartphone for you

Tired of manually navigating through your smartphone for routine tasks? Rabbit’s R1, developed by Young Engineering, employs a “language action model” to execute commands effortlessly, eliminating the need for traditional voice-only assistants like Siri or Alexa. This innovative device streamlines tasks such as placing orders without the need to interact directly with your phone, offering a more seamless user experience.

Smart mollusks for environmental monitoring

In the era of smart technology, even mollusks are not exempt from innovation. MolluSCAN, led by CEO Ludovic Quinault, introduces a non-invasive device attached to shellfish, capable of monitoring various aspects such as feeding patterns, fertilization, and stress responses. These intelligent mollusks serve as indicators of water quality and potential pollution, showcasing a novel approach to environmental monitoring and conservation efforts.

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