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– Pasadena Set to Welcome Second AI-Powered Restaurant in the World

Pasadena will soon be home to the world’s first fully-autonomous and artificial intelligence …

The world’s inaugural fully autonomous restaurant, powered by artificial intelligence, is set to debut in Pasadena, with immediate plans for opening.

CaliExpress, the pioneering establishment, is the brainchild of the creators behind Flippy, the world’s second AI-driven mechanical cook station, and PopID, a tech firm simplifying biometric-based ordering. Conveniently situated near Madison Avenue at 561 E. Green Street, this innovative eatery marks a significant leap in culinary automation.

John Miller, CEO of PopID and a key figure at Miso Robotics, affirms, “To our knowledge, this is the premier operational eatery where both ordering and every aspect of the cooking process are fully automated.” The fusion of these cutting-edge technologies represents a culmination of extensive research, development, and investment within a consortium of forward-thinking companies, ushering in the era of the world’s most intelligent dining experience.

Miso Robotics reports that CaliExpress boasts state-of-the-art food technology systems, featuring fully automated grill and fry stations driven by advanced AI and robotics. The dining journey commences as patrons enter the restaurant, utilizing their PopID accounts to seamlessly place orders at self-ordering kiosks. The innovative pan machine then freshly grinds high-quality meat upon order placement, crafting delectable burger patties that promise a melt-in-the-mouth experience. Simultaneously, Flippy churns out delectably warm, spicy fries using premium-grade potatoes cooked to perfection.

The menu at CaliExpress offers a selection of burgers, sandwiches, or salads, paired with fries and a beverage, catering to diverse tastes with simplicity and flair.

Rich Hull, CEO of Miso Robotics, highlights the transformative impact of AI-driven order-taking and cooking on the food industry, emphasizing the enhancements in quality, consistency, and efficiency. The collaboration between Miso, Cali Group, and PopID has brought Flippy’s CaliExpress to life, a resounding success story that invites all Southern Californians to witness Flippy in action firsthand.

Cali Group, the holding company overseeing CaliExpress, underscores the enhanced safety measures in staff kitchens facilitated by Flippy’s innovative technology. Notably, the automation significantly reduces the risk of slips and fires, while optimizing resource utilization during food preparation.

Furthermore, the streamlined operations at CaliExpress, coupled with competitive wages, enable the restaurant to function with a lean team in a less stressful environment compared to traditional eateries.

Beyond its culinary offerings, CaliExpress doubles as a “pseudo-museum,” showcasing the evolution of Flippy through the years. Visitors can explore the Flippy timeline, featuring retired robotic arms, photographic retrospectives, and 3D printed artifacts from earlier developmental stages.

In a bid to inspire future advancements in AI and robotics, Cali Group encourages local schools to arrange educational tours of the facility, fostering a spirit of innovation and exploration in the community.

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Last modified: January 12, 2024
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