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### AI Neglects the Primary Reason Businesses Hire Human Bloggers

The whole business model of influencers relies on the one thing AI struggles to create: authenticit…

Alix Earle, a prominent figure, is recognized not only for her striking appearance but also for her unique appeal beyond conventional attractiveness. With over 6.3 million followers on TikTok, her popularity stems not solely from her looks but from her distinctive fashion choices and makeup preferences that reflect her personality. This distinguishing factor sets her apart and captivates her audience, drawing them in based on more than just her physical appearance.

The rise of AI-generated celebrities poses an interesting consideration regarding the impact on human livelihoods. While AI influencers like Lil Miquela have garnered attention and even secured brand deals, the authenticity crucial for human celebrities to connect with their audience remains a key differentiator. The emergence of AI influencers, designed to embody societal ideals of attractiveness, raises questions about their effectiveness in comparison to traditional influencers.

Despite the novelty and recall value associated with AI influencers like Kuki, featured in an H&M commercial, their role in advertising may be more about campaign metrics optimization than genuine influence. The ability of AI influencers to showcase products may not necessarily translate to the same level of consumer influence as human influencers who possess integrity and genuine connections with their audience.

The essence of influence marketing lies in the power that influencers wield over consumer purchasing decisions. Whether it’s through showcasing clothing or promoting beauty products, the impact of an influencer is rooted in their ability to sway consumer behavior. While AI influencers may offer a unique avenue for content creation and monetization, the true influence of a human influencer goes beyond mere visual representation.

The dynamic landscape of influencer marketing underscores the importance of authenticity and genuine connection in driving consumer engagement. While AI influencers may cater to specific niches or platforms, the enduring influence of human influencers lies in their ability to resonate with their audience on a deeper level, shaping consumer preferences and behaviors.

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Last modified: January 4, 2024
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