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**Revamp Your Webcam Background with Microsoft Teams’ Latest AI Enhancement**

There’s also a new voice isolation feature that sounds great for coffee shops.

Microsoft is enhancing its Copilot assistant and incorporating additional AI functionalities into Teams.

In the immediate future, Microsoft will introduce two new AI-driven features to Teams, aimed at enhancing voice and video capabilities. Earlier in 2024, Microsoft Teams Premium will introduce a novel “decorate your background” feature leveraging advanced AI technology to eliminate and substitute background noise during video calls.

This innovative feature will simulate a physical environment, akin to the virtual reality filters seen on platforms like Snapchat, departing from Microsoft Teams’ traditional offering of virtual backgrounds. Users will have the option to incorporate elements such as plants, lighting, and seasonal decorations into their backdrop. The practical implications of this feature remain to be seen, but if its performance aligns with the quality showcased in the accompanying GIF, it could offer a compelling solution to mask disruptive backgrounds and eschew artificial virtual settings.

Following this update, Microsoft plans to introduce a feature addressing message isolation in Teams. As outlined in a Microsoft website post, this feature aims to mitigate the impact of background noise during calls and meetings by isolating the user’s voice. Upon activation of this AI feature in Teams, it will intelligently discern the user’s voice and effectively suppress all other noises, ensuring clarity even in bustling environments like a crowded coffee shop.

These developments represent just a fraction of the AI-powered enhancements within Teams. Microsoft is also refining Copilot in Microsoft Teams, enabling functionalities such as seamless meeting facilitation without the need for translation services, message drafting assistance, or meeting previews. For further insights into the new Navigator capabilities in Teams, you can refer to the provided link.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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