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### Simplifying Terminal Management and Enhancing Cybersecurity with Tanium’s Latest AI Solutions

Tanium’s new AI service aims to streamline cybersecurity operations and endpoint management &…

Tanium AI, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, introduced new automated endpoint management functionalities today. These enhancements are designed to enhance operational efficiency and accelerate risk mitigation processes through automation.

Unveiled during Tanium’s monthly Converge Conference, the new features encompass AI-powered insights, procedures, and remedial actions to boost operational efficiency and reduce risks effectively.

The latest offerings aim to tackle the challenge of automating routine administrative tasks and improving threat detection accuracy amidst resource limitations in IT environments and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Tanium emphasizes the critical role of real-time data for maximizing the benefits of AI, highlighting the drawbacks of using outdated or incomplete data.

The update integrates real-time endpoint data with advanced AI models. By automating repetitive tasks, Tanium enables time-saving measures and ensures compliance with AEM, thereby reducing costs and mitigating risks. Automated resolution of common issues minimizes the workload on support desks, streamlining workflow processes.

Key features include autonomous insights generated by leveraging large language models to adapt to changing conditions. These insights enhance operational efficiency by identifying and prioritizing threats based on asset significance, recommending actions that facilitate automated vulnerability remediation.

Through continuous learning from operational activities to understand IT infrastructure configurations and interconnections between devices and systems, automated workflows generate context-based processes. Intelligent remediation produces high-confidence response models, enabling subsequent actions without manual intervention. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred level of autonomy in monitoring and reporting.

According to CEO Dan Streetman, Tanium’s real-time data analysis capabilities and rapid implementation of updates distinguish the company. By leveraging this information alongside AI-driven actions, users can proactively mitigate risks and address issues before they escalate.

Furthermore, Tanium unveiled additional features as part of its technology roadmap at the Convergence Conference. Manage enhances productivity by automating critical yet repetitive tasks, while Guardian provides customers with timely insights and recommendations on emerging vulnerabilities from Tanium’s cybersecurity experts.

The company also introduced Cloud Workloads, a feature that extends endpoint management support to cloud-native workloads, particularly containers. This expanded support for containers enhances Tanium’s presence, risk management capabilities, and incident response readiness for customers operating across diverse cloud environments.

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Last modified: November 15, 2023
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