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**Revolutionary AI Device: The Humane Alternative to Contemporary Technology**

Let’s take a peek at the so-called ‘smartphone killer.’

On Thursday, the Humane Ai Pin was unveiled, offering the public a comprehensive glimpse of the innovative wearable device that aims to replace traditional smartphones.

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, former Apple employees leading Humane, have been working in stealth mode until this year, fueling excitement about the potential of Ai Pin in the tech landscape. The debate continues on whether Ai Pin will revolutionize technology like the smartphone or if its innovation falls short.

Despite the ongoing discussion, Ai Pin boasts a myriad of impressive features that advocate for a screenless experience. Let’s explore the cutting-edge functionalities that Ai Pin brings to the table.

1. AI Pin Projects Tasks onto Your Finger Instead of a Screen

Humane touts Ai Pin as an alternative to smartphones, emphasizing interaction with the physical environment rather than a screen. However, for visual needs, Ai Pin incorporates a “laser paint display” projected onto your hand. By tapping your thumb and index finger, akin to the Apple Watch’s double-tap feature, you can perform tasks like waiting or playing music. Various hand movements such as tilting forward, backward, or downward trigger distinct actions.

Humane Ai Pin projecting a visual onto a woman’s palm

A compact light projector displays manipulable images on your hand, enabling hands-on interaction.

2. AI Pin Empowers Voice Control

Given the absence of a screen, Ai Pin relies on voice commands for communication. Humane leverages the OpenAI platform for task management and searches through voice interactions, referred to as Ai Mic.

This functionality resembles utilizing ChatGPT for system interactions, albeit with broader integration across applications and accounts. Ai Pin facilitates tasks like composing messages to contacts or sifting through emails for specific information.

woman wearing a camo jacket with a Human Ai Pin attached

Equipped with an OpenAI-powered unit, Ai Pin serves as a virtual assistant, streamlining various tasks.

Furthermore, the “Catch Me Up” feature contextualizes significant updates in your inbox, such as tracking changes in email threads related to meal planning.

3. Real-Time Language Translation and Nutritional Information

In a promotional video, Ai Pin’s visual recognition aids a user in assessing the sugar content of Dragon Fruit to align with dietary preferences.

The device also claims to analyze the protein content in a handful of almonds, although accuracy may vary. Initially focused on nutrition, Humane plans to expand the applications of this feature.

Real-time transcription stands out as another notable feature of Ai Pin, swiftly identifying spoken languages and providing instant translations.

4. Prioritizing Privacy and Security

Unlike conventional voice assistants with wake words, Ai Pin operates without constant listening capabilities, activating only upon physical interaction by the user. A distinct “Trust Light” illuminates during operation to address security concerns.

Utilizing “personic speech,” Ai Pin creates a secure auditory environment, ensuring private conversations between the user and the device.

Starting at $699 with additional costs for a T-Mobile cellular plan, Humane’s Ai Pin and accessories will be available for pre-order on November 16, with shipments expected to commence in early 2024.

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Last modified: February 12, 2024
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