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### AI: Quantifying the Past – Unveiling the Historical Journey

All eyes were on artificial intelligence in 2023.

Undoubtedly, in 2023, the global spotlight was fixated on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence left an indelible mark on every sector, spanning retail, food, finance, agriculture, and medicine. Its prowess in generating images, text, audio, and data rivaled, if not surpassed, human capabilities, sparking both admiration for its potential and apprehension about its societal implications.

Reflecting on notable statistics from the past:

1m+: The initial user base of ChatGPT within the first five weeks. Presently, over 100 million individuals engage with ChatGPT regularly, while more than 2 million developers, including a significant portion of Fortune 500 companies, leverage the company’s API, a year post the introduction of this conversational AI chatbot.

\(1T: Nvidia’s market capitalization, which soared to \)1.2 trillion in May, symbolizing its meteoric ascent driven largely by the fierce competition among tech enterprises of all scales to integrate AI functionalities into their offerings.

15: The percentage of tech companies that have committed to abiding by AI safeguards established by the Biden administration. Numerous prominent AI entities have voluntarily embraced measures to enhance the technology’s safety and security protocols.

Apart from the initial \(3 billion investment, Microsoft announced a further \)10 billion infusion into OpenAI in the forthcoming years, underscoring the tech giant’s foray into the AI arena.

Mistral, an AI startup, secured an unprecedented $113.5 million in seed funding merely a month after its inception, marking the largest funding round in Europe’s startup landscape even before unveiling its inaugural product.

$6 billion: The collective investment by Amazon and Google in Anthropic, the primary competitor of OpenAI.

4.4%: The projected adoption rate for businesses utilizing AI to innovate products or services. Despite the Federal Reserve and interest rates dominating approximately 50% of S&P 500 earnings calls since May, the AI discourse has yet to permeate everyday applications.

Sam Altman was ousted from his role as CEO of OpenAI after how many weeks?

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Last modified: December 28, 2023
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