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### Revolutionizing Legal Services: Dowden’s “Hit Club” Aims to Introduce AI Over Legal Positions

The deputy prime minister said automation could shrink the state.

Oliver Dowden, the vice prime minister of Great Britain, has introduced a new AI-centric system aimed at enhancing governmental efficiency, combating security frauds, and facilitating asylum applications.

During a presentation on Monday, Dowden unveiled the new £5 million “AI Incubator” and proposed that the emerging technologies could serve as a “significant catalyst” in streamlining the civil service, which he argued had expanded significantly post-Brexit and amid the COVID crisis.

Addressing a group of journalists, Dowden stated, “As a Conservative, I advocate for minimal bureaucracy and optimal outcomes.”

Dowden outlined that the system is poised to explore the potential applications of AI in tackling fraudulent activities, processing asylum requests, and improving public interaction within the healthcare sector.

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He expressed, “I envision this as a groundbreaking tool that could accelerate technological advancements to deliver superior outcomes with fewer resources, ultimately safeguarding taxpayers’ money.”

The move to leverage AI for cost reduction precedes Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement, where he declared in October a freeze on the growth of the civil service with the aim of reverting to pre-pandemic staffing levels.

The recruitment process for the initial 20 technical specialists commenced on Monday, with Laura Gilbert, a lead scientist at No. 10 Downing Street, mentioning that the government has already onboarded experts from “prominent corporations.”

Dowden emphasized, “This initiative aims to assemble a task force that will offer specialized expertise to explore innovative solutions for various projects.”

The integration of AI into governmental operations is intended to streamline internal procedures, facilitate decision-making processes, and bolster collaborations with sectors such as healthcare.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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