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– Lunit’s AI Analysis Tool Matches Radiologists in Accuracy

The findings match the accuracy of radiologists in detecting breast cancer when the AI threshold is…

The AI tool INSIGHT MMG by Lunit is designed to optimize pharmacists’ workflow, aiming to enhance efficiency and productivity. The data from a recent study on INSIGHT MMG, an AI-powered tool for analyzing mammograms to detect breast cancer, has been released by Lunit, a leading South Korean AI provider.

The study, conducted in Denmark, compared the performance of Lunit’s INSIGHT MMG with that of human pharmacists. It focused on mammogram screenings carried out on 149,495 individuals between August 14 and August 15, 2018. Key metrics included accurate cancer diagnosis, identification of cancer-free examinations, positive predictive value, and recall rate.

Results indicated that when the tool’s cut-off score aligned with the mean sensitivity of the primary reader, it exhibited a slightly higher recall rate (3% vs. 2.8%) compared to human radiologists, albeit with slightly lower specificity (17.5% vs. 97.7%).

These findings build upon Lunit’s initial research involving over 50,000 women and conducted between April 1 and June 2022. In this study, 55,581 breast cancer screening cases were compared with INSIGHT MMG analyses by two distinct pharmacists. The results showed that Lunit’s INSIGHT MMG outperformed the traditional two-radiologist approach, demonstrating a superior cancer detection rate (CDR) of 4.3 per 1000, surpassing the CDR achieved by the two radiologists alone.

Following these promising outcomes, in June 2023, Lunit secured a sourcing and licensing agreement with Capio St Göran, Sweden’s largest private healthcare provider. This agreement allows Lunit to provide its medical Information MMG for three decades, making it the first breast center globally to leverage AI as an autonomous reader. This collaboration is expected to significantly enhance Sweden’s national cancer screening program by enabling the analysis of approximately 78,000 patients’ mammography images annually.

The FDA-approved and CE-marked INSIGHT MMG technology serves as an impartial reader in a regulated environment, interpreting mammograms to boost efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis.

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Lunit’s CEO, Brandon Suh, expressed confidence in the AI tool’s potential to revolutionize mammography screenings, emphasizing its ability to enhance cancer detection rates and support pharmacists in their clinical duties.

As per GlobalData’s projections, more healthcare manufacturers are expected to integrate AI technologies into their products to improve patient care and medical prognostics. In a recent collaboration, Mindpeak and Proscia partnered to utilize AI-driven solutions for more precise breast cancer diagnosis through online disease research, leveraging the BreastIHC tool developed by Mindpeak.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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