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### CNBC’s Cramer Criticizes Seattle’s Central Role in the Latest AI Advancements

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD5_y57gJnc Just a few months after it looked like Seattle was bein…

Just a few weeks after indications that Seattle was being overlooked in the federal discourse on artificial intelligence and the emerging technology sector, CNBC’s “Hungry Cash” anchor Jim Cramer brought attention to the region.

Cramer enthusiastically shared his recent visit to the West Coast, where he immersed himself in the heart of AI, chronicling his experience in a segment dubbed “Tales from the Emerald City.”

Highlighting the distinction, Cramer emphasized that the hub of AI innovation is not situated in Silicon Valley but rather in the Seattle area, renowned as the headquarters of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon.

Given Microsoft’s significant stake in OpenAI, the pioneering company behind ChatGPT, Cramer hailed Microsoft as the “true frontrunner” in the realm of AI. He debunked misconceptions by asserting that Microsoft is actively generating revenue from conceptual AI, contrary to industry skepticism.

Discussing Microsoft Copilot, described as an “AI companion” amalgamating the company’s diverse AI capabilities, Cramer lauded its seamless integration, citing insights from his sources within Microsoft.

Furthermore, Cramer commended Amazon for leveraging AI algorithms to anticipate consumer needs even before they arise.

This newfound admiration for Seattle starkly contrasts with the previous skepticism in September, when the national media seemed inclined to downplay the city’s status as an AI epicenter.

In a Shift AI Podcast episode, Matt McIlwain, managing director at Seattle-based VC firm Madrona, asserted that Seattle deserves recognition as a premier hub for AI excellence. Acknowledging a tendency towards modesty, he conceded in a GeekWire interview that Seattle’s achievements might be undervalued.

Known for his outspoken nature, Cramer, unlike the understated McIlwain, expressed optimism about the growth potential of AI enterprises, aiming to generate profits for his followers.

Defying skeptics who believe the AI wave has peaked, Cramer, based on firsthand interactions in Seattle, affirmed that the transformative impact of AI is only in its nascent stages.

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Last modified: February 3, 2024
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