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### Top 7 AI Security Experts for Enhanced Protection

See who made the list for Business Insider’s AI 100: Defense tech

Top Figures in AI Defense Technology

As global tensions escalate, advancements in AI defense technology are rapidly progressing, with leaders in Silicon Valley expressing optimism about the potential for these advancements to mitigate future conflicts.

The top 100 individuals shaping the landscape of AI intelligence have been recognized by Business Insider. Here are some key figures driving innovation in security technology:

Ken Bedingfield

Ken Bedingfield, the CEO of Epirus, assumed the role after serving as the company’s CFO and COO. Prior to his tenure at Epirus, Bedingfield held key financial positions at Northrop Grumman, a prominent defense corporation. Epirus is at the forefront of developing high-power microwave systems to neutralize drone swarms, leveraging AI modeling and innovative techniques. The company recently secured a Navy research grant through the Advanced Radar Research Center at the University of Oklahoma.

Bradley Boyd

Bradley Boyd, a Marine veteran and former Army officer, is deeply engaged in studying the integration of automation within military systems. With a background in the Marines and the Army, Boyd played a pivotal role in advancing AI-enabled warfighting capabilities at the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. As a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, he explores the impact of emerging technologies on military, economic, and social security, particularly focusing on the intersection of automation and defense systems.

Theodora Fisher

Theodora Fisher leads the Information Innovation Office at DARPA, overseeing the agency’s AI research and development initiatives, including the AI Forward Initiative dedicated to national security missions. With DARPA’s substantial investment of over $2 billion in AI research, Fisher aims to enhance national security capabilities while mitigating potential risks associated with AI systems. Fisher, a former district head, also serves as a computer science professor at Tufts University, conducting research on programming languages and strategies to address generative AI safety concerns.

Nicola Hamrick

Nicola Hamrick, the president of Vannevar Labs, brings a wealth of experience from her tenure in intelligence operations focused on counterterrorism. Observing the challenges faced by intelligence officers in processing vast amounts of data, Hamrick spearheads Vannevar’s Decrypt service, utilizing machine learning, computer vision, and AI technologies to streamline data collection and analysis. Vannevar Labs prioritizes enhancing corporate competitiveness against nation-states and bolstering national security efforts through efficient data utilization.

Egon Rinderer

Egon Rinderer, the chief technology officer at Shift5, drives the development of security applications that gather and analyze data for cybersecurity, operational efficiency, maintenance, and aviation purposes. With a background in the US Navy and Intel, Rinderer leverages machine learning to identify threats, detect anomalies, and pinpoint unusual behavior. Shift5 has secured significant funding, including a recent \(83 million round from Moore Strategic Ventures and Insight Partners, totaling over \)105 million in investments.

Shyam Sankar

Shyam Sankar, the CTO of Palantir, has been instrumental in deploying large language models and other AI technologies to meet the stringent data access and control requirements of security clients. With a diverse professional background spanning roles at Palantir, Xoom, Ginkgo Bioworks, and leadership positions within the biotech sector, Sankar brings a wealth of experience to his current role. His expertise in operational and strategic aspects of technology has been pivotal in driving Palantir’s innovative solutions for security-focused clientele.

John Serafini

John Serafini, the CEO of HawkEye 360, leads the development of satellites and systems for space-based radio frequency collection, mapping, and analytics. With a background in the US Army and leadership roles at organizations like Allied Minds and Percipient Networks, Serafini is at the helm of leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance the assessment of radio frequency data for communication, transportation, and risk identification purposes. HawkEye 360 has attracted substantial investments, with contributions exceeding $360 million from backers like BlackRock, Insight Partners, and Alumni Ventures.

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Last modified: January 5, 2024
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