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### Leveraging BBC, ITV, Future & Meta’s AI Chatbot for TV Production: Insights from TellyCast Digital Content Forum

The BBC, ITV and Meta debated AI as a TV content development tool at the TellyCast Digital Content …

While AI technology has made significant advancements, it is not poised to revolutionize the television industry just yet.

During a session on classic intellectual property (IP) in social film at the TellyCast Digital Content Forum in London, UK industry executives emphasized this point.

John Farrar, Chief Creative Officer at Future Studios, a co-producer of The Playboy Bunny Murders, shared that their development team extensively experimented with various AI tools when the initial AI discussions began in their office. Despite the initial intrigue surrounding the concepts, they ultimately fell short. Farrar expressed skepticism about AI’s ability to tackle the challenge of innovating the next major television format, highlighting that the solutions proposed by AI felt derivative and lacked originality.

Farrar further illustrated his point by stating, “If he hadn’t recorded it, a Drake record would not be one of Drake records.”

Mike Beale, managing director of global creative and production support at ITV Studios, echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that AI tools are still a long way from generating ideas that align seamlessly with human creativity. He emphasized that true originality stems from producing entirely novel concepts, a feat that AI has yet to achieve convincingly.

Madi Woodstock, BBC Studios Director of Digital Content & Programming-Scripted, acknowledged AI’s intelligence but emphasized that it has not reached the stage of replacing development executives in the industry.

Dan Biddle, Meta’s Entertainment Partnerships Lead for Northern Europe, added that AI has not reached a level where it can generate monetizable content for platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Biddle stressed the value of unique content and the importance of compensating creators for their efforts, highlighting the need for authentic engagement with audiences rather than relying solely on AI-generated content.

The executives shared their perspectives during a bustling day at London’s BFI Southbank, where the TellyCast Digital Content Forum, hosted by Justin Crosby, a seasoned business PR expert and podcaster, brought together influencers, executives, producers, and students.

Throughout the event, speakers such as Lucy Luke from Snap, Jasmine Dawson, Nat Poulter from BBC Studios, and Damien Viel, Banijay’s Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, discussed their strategies for creating engaging and innovative content. The event, covered by Deadline, attracted over 350 attendees who participated in a series of talks and presentations. Producers from BBC Studios, Spirit Studios, Quintus Studios, Wall of Entertainment, and Soho Studios Entertainment pitched their latest concepts during an evening pitching session, showcasing the diverse range of ideas in the evolving landscape of digital content creation.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023
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