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### AI-Dubbed Spanish-Language Type Revamps Backstage FAST Channel Featuring Beyonce and Dua Lipa

Fuse Media has turned to AI dubbing for a Spanish-language version of its FAST channel Backstage.

Theater will now be accessible on Samsung Television Plus sets in Mexico through a collaboration between Latino-owned company Fuse and UK-based AI audio firm Papercup.

With over 200 hours of content translated into Latin American Spanish by Papercup, the platform showcases inspirational stories penned by renowned authors such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Snoop Dogg. Since its launch, Backstage has expanded to 13 rooms and experienced significant year-over-year viewership growth in Q3 2023.

Patrick Courtney, head of streaming and business development, emphasized the broad appeal of inclusive content. The reach of our FAST programs has extended to international platforms like Pluto TV Canada, Samsung Television Plus Europe, and LG UK, allowing us to engage a wider audience through Spanish dubbing. Our growth strategies in this key socioeconomic market are just beginning to unfold.

Featuring a lineup of globally acclaimed artists and celebrities, Theater captivates viewers both domestically and internationally. The introduction of these compelling narratives in Spanish on Backstage aims to attract new audiences and expand our global reach.

Forward-thinking media companies are now exploring opportunities in Latin America and Europe to cater to global audiences seeking content in their native languages. Papercup CEO Jesse Shemen highlighted the potential saturation of U.S. streaming platforms and the significant growth in FAST and AVOD revenue.

Traditional translation methods have posed challenges for small to medium-sized production companies looking to enter foreign markets due to high costs and time constraints. Artificial intelligence is stepping in to address this gap, enabling efficient video localization through AI-generated accents and machine learning systems. Papercup’s innovative approach has been utilized by major entities like Fremantle, Bloomberg, Sky News, Insider, and Jamie Oliver to localize extensive content libraries.

By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and a human-in-the-loop workflow, Papercup ensures that voiceovers and original content are as engaging as the source material. This approach levels the playing field for smaller players in the industry, allowing them to compete with larger media corporations that invest in costly translation methods.

Shemen expressed optimism about the collaboration with Fuse, hinting at potential future initiatives to make content accessible in multiple languages worldwide. As Fuse’s global presence expands, Courtney looks forward to further collaborations across different regions and languages.

The ongoing debate surrounding AI in the context of Hollywood strikes underscores the evolving landscape of content creation. While AI translation poses challenges for traditional voiceover artists, it also opens up new possibilities for the industry.

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Last modified: December 1, 2023
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