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### Discord’s AI Bot Clyde Faces Deactivation

Clyde will disappear by December 1st and it’s not clear why.

Starting from December 1st, interactions with Clyde will no longer be available for Discord users.

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Discord’s experimental AI entity, Clyde, is set to be decommissioned. As per a Discord support announcement, the chatbot will be “deactivated” by the month’s end, rendering users unable to engage with Clyde in direct messages (DMs), group chats, or server discussions starting December 1st.

Earlier this year, Discord initiated trials for Clyde’s AI capabilities, enabling the bot to engage in conversations and provide responses utilizing OpenAI models. Despite limited testing, the company aimed to integrate Clyde as a pivotal element of its chat and community platform.

The reason behind the sudden cessation of Clyde’s operations remains ambiguous. It is plausible that the chatbot might eventually reemerge as a premium Nitro-exclusive feature, or Discord might have gleaned adequate insights from the testing phase to conclude that an AI bot is not imperative for its platform. Our outreach to Discord for insights on the shutdown is pending, and any pertinent updates will be promptly shared.

Discord has been exploring various AI functionalities, such as AI-generated conversation synopses. This proves particularly beneficial for servers spanning multiple time zones, facilitating users in catching up on missed discussions. Moreover, Discord is actively positioning itself as a hub for AI developers, extending support and funding for the development of AI applications.

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Last modified: February 24, 2024
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