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**Revolutionizing Automation with Tangram Vision’s AI-Powered 3D Device**

Tangram Vision introduces HiFi, an innovative AI-powered 3D sensor revolutionizing robotics by simp…

A new 3D depth sensor named HiFi, which integrates powerful computer vision capabilities into a commercially available product priced at $549, was introduced today by Tangram Vision, a company specializing in software and hardware for mechanical comprehension.

As stated by Adam Rodnitzky, the Chief Operating Officer of Tangram Vision, the primary objective of this device is to simplify the process of incorporating AI-enhanced 3D data into computers.

HiFi merges high-resolution 3D sensing with Artificial processing power and integrated machine vision systems. This integration facilitates tasks such as validation, navigation, and neural network operations that are crucial for robotics applications but often necessitate the coordination of specific engineering teams.

According to Rodnitzky, cameras have historically played a significant role in technology. However, the challenges associated with adding sensors to robotic platforms, such as sensor calibration and maintenance, have been a hindrance. With HiFi, all this sophisticated technology has been seamlessly integrated into the hardware.

Artificial intelligence models on HiFi are driven by the onboard neural processing unit, enabling features like person recognition, object classification, and scene segmentation right out of the box. (Credit: Tangram Vision)

Accelerating Technological Advancements

HiFi empowers small teams to leverage advanced computer vision capabilities and expedite the development of robotics products by handling these complex tasks internally.

To make the sensor accessible to a broad community of hackers, developers, and robotics companies, Tangram Vision is launching HiFi on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform at a discounted rate of up to 50% off the retail price of $549. The company considers the accessibility of the product to developers as a key reason for opting to unveil an early 3D sensor prototype on Kickstarter.

Disrupting the Automation Perception Industry

An off-the-shelf solution like HiFi has the potential to significantly enhance the integration of machine vision capabilities in robotics applications and accelerate development cycles.

While some technology firms heavily rely on computer vision, the implementation and maintenance of these technologies can incur substantial costs. The cost of robot deployment and the general lack of automation expertise within companies are the primary barriers to adoption, as per a recent McKinsey report.

Any company seeking to integrate computer vision and AI into their mechanical systems could greatly benefit from Tangram Vision’s expertise in delivering with HiFi in terms of both time and cost.

The fledgling company seems poised to make an impact in the rapidly growing AI automation market if it fulfills its promises with a product tailored to meet the specific requirements of mechanical applications. Despite being established only in 2020, Tangram Vision has a lot to offer.

Led by Experienced Automation Professionals

The company is led by seasoned veterans with backgrounds in computer vision and robotics, including stints at the pioneering company Occipital. As it competes with larger and more established players in the market, Tangram Vision may leverage this expertise.

Their focused approach on the evolving field of robotic perception is a strategic bet that this sector is ripe for disruption with the right technological acumen.

Rodnitzky expressed, “We believe we have created something truly exceptional in HiFi. To fully unleash its potential, we are eager to place it in the hands of numerous roboticists and developers.”

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Last modified: February 26, 2024
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