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### Unveiling “Galaxy AI”: The Next-Gen Artificial Intelligence of the Samsung Galaxy S24

Earlier today, Samsung began sharing its vision for AI through a generative AI model called “Gauss.…

Samsung introduced a relational AI model named “Gauss” earlier today, showcasing its AI vision. It is expected that Samsung will integrate this Gauss AI into the Galaxy S24 upon its launch in 2024, given the timing of this AI presentation. However, it appears that the AI set to feature in the Galaxy S24 will have a distinct branding.

This evening, Samsung revealed “Galaxy AI” as the overarching term for a suite of AI-driven functionalities soon to be accessible on Galaxy smartphones. Despite reading the press release multiple times, the description of Galaxy AI remains somewhat ambiguous, almost as if it were generated by AI itself.

According to Samsung, “Galaxy AI represents a new era of smartphone intelligence,” promising to address critical issues like “seamless communication, enhanced productivity, and limitless creativity.” It is speculated that Galaxy AI might be fueled by Gauss, considering its emphasis on productivity and imaging capabilities.

Samsung’s AI strategy is characterized as a “holistic intelligent AI experience,” blending on-device AI developed by Samsung with cloud-based AI in collaboration with industry peers, reminiscent of Google’s approach with the Pixel lineup.

As an example of this vision, Samsung introduced a new feature named AI Live Translate Call (official title), initially featured on the “latest Samsung AI phone.” This feature, integrated into the phone app, provides real-time audio and text translations during calls with individuals speaking different languages.

With the imminent arrival of Galaxy AI “early next month,” Samsung is poised to rival Google in the AI landscape, potentially unveiling a plethora of AI capabilities at the Galaxy S24 launch event.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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