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### The AI-Curated Spotify Playlist that Mirrors Your Personality

The music-streaming platform’s new “daylist” feature serves users three personalized playlists a da…

The music-streaming platform’s latest feature, known as “daylists,” introduces consumers to three personalized playlists daily, each sporting titles that range from quirky to enigmatic.

Have you ever swapped your Sunday blues for the intrigue of a “Nervous Ocean Monday Morning”? Is it a common occurrence to kick off the weekend with a “Wild and Free Chaotic Thursday Afternoon,” setting the tone for Friday escapades? And what attire befits a “Paranormal Black Cabaret Evening”?

These enigmatic strings of words represent the unique titles of the “daylists,” a recent innovation from Spotify, the renowned music-streaming giant. Subscribers can enjoy a trio of freshly curated playlists every day, each accompanied by a distinct title that practically begs to be shared and saved.

Approximately four weeks post its launch in September, this feature has garnered significant attention due to its intriguing and often confounding titles, sparking a wave of social media buzz. Users delight in the platform’s seemingly intuitive ability to capture their mood and preferences with uncanny accuracy.

One individual, in response to their playlist titled “Midwest Emo Flannel Tuesday Quick Morning,” humorously remarked, “Spotify hit the nail on the head with this daylist.”

Another user jokingly accused Spotify of “personally bullying” them with a playlist named “Tailspin Self-Sabotaging Monday Late.”

But who should take credit for these whimsical monikers? Fans of Spotify reveling in these daily doses of musical exploration may be intrigued—or perhaps not—to discover that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the creative force behind these playlist titles.

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Last modified: January 25, 2024
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