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### Innovating Drive-Through Systems Beyond ToneAI: Tech Tracker

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop opens its first drive-thru with smartphone-enabled tech and geofencing/loyal…

Artificial voice assistants have been a focal point in drive-through technology, aiding in order-taking and alleviating labor pressures. However, the integration of GPS and AI systems to monitor customer arrival times can also enhance service efficiency. UKnoMi, an IoT-powered program showcased at the National Restaurant Association Show, exemplifies this trend by optimizing drive-through experiences through customer identification and a commitment component.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, based in New York City, is expanding its reach by opening a second drive-through location in Texas in 2024. Leveraging advanced AI systems, the company aims to streamline and personalize services. Founder Stratis Morfogen plans to implement BlueDot’s smartphone-enabled geofencing technology and voice AI for tailored loyalty messages.

In a separate development, Enlightened Hospitality Investments, led by restaurateur Danny Meyer, has invested in Qu, a tech platform focusing on enhancing restaurant operations. The collaboration aims to introduce innovative features such as in-store POS systems, online ordering, and menu management, fostering a seamless guest experience.

Furthermore, leading technology vendors like Square, Lightspeed, and Curbit are rolling out new AI functionalities catering to the restaurant industry. These features range from AI-generated menus and kitchen categories to real-time order updates, emphasizing the growing significance of AI-driven tools in optimizing restaurant operations.

Toast has unveiled a wireless application, Bread Then, empowering restaurant operators with remote access to their tech stack for efficient off-site management. The app includes features like manager logs, distribution channels, and real-time reporting, enhancing operational oversight and workflow coordination.

Shake Shack has ventured into autonomous delivery services in partnership with Motional through Uber Eats, utilizing the IONIQ 5 robotaxi for automated deliveries. This strategic move underscores the increasing adoption of autonomous delivery vehicles to meet evolving consumer demands in the food industry.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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