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### Reflecting on the Semester: An AI-pocalyptic Experience or an AI-OK Outcome?

A survey conducted at the end of last year indicated that 30% of college students had used ChatGPT …

30 % of university students had utilized ChatGPT for mathematics, as indicated by a recent study conducted at the conclusion of the previous month. Since then, the usage has evidently risen. Educators, what has been your experience with integrating ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) into student learning?

I have several inquiries for you:

  • Have you engaged in conversations with your students regarding the appropriateness of utilizing LLMs in their coursework?
  • Have you observed any instances or have suspicions of students misusing LLMs for academic assignments?
  • Have you taken any steps to detect individuals utilizing unauthorized LLMs, and if so, what methodologies or tools have you utilized?
  • How did your institution investigate and handle a student who was reported for illicit use of LLMs?
  • Have you noticed a shift in student performance that suggests a higher prevalence of LLM usage?
  • Did you incorporate LLMs into your teaching practices, and if yes, what was the outcome?
  • In light of the increased awareness of LLMs eliminating the necessity for student technology use, have you adjusted or introduced new assignments or evaluation methods (e.g., oral assessments or traditional written exams)?
  • Based on your experiences with LLMs this academic term, do you believe it is necessary to modify your instructional approach?
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Last modified: February 7, 2024
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