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### Report: Taylor Swift Targeted by AI-Generated Sexually Explicit Videos

Swift’s fans have reportedly taken to social media to report the fake images in the hopes of having…

According to USA Today, Taylor Swift is currently being featured without consent in AI-generated explicit content circulating widely on various social media platforms. This comes in the wake of unsettling incidents where an alleged stalker repeatedly visited her Manhattan residence, adding to the singer’s ongoing drama.

The manipulated images reportedly portray Swift in compromising positions, partially clad in Kansas City Chiefs merchandise, sparking backlash from football enthusiasts. Swift’s public support for her partner, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, has further fueled the controversy.

Swift’s followers have taken action by flagging and reporting the unauthorized content online, urging platforms to remove the images and block the accounts responsible. While some of the infringing posts have been taken down for violating platform policies, others remain accessible despite these efforts.

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Last modified: January 26, 2024
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