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### Unveiling the Unexpected Emergence of an Upgraded All-in-One AI App

iPhone keyboards, crypto crime docs, and much more in this week’s Installer.

Hi, friends! Welcome to Installer No. 20, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge and quintessentially Verge-like content from around the globe. (If you’re new here, greetings, salutations, hey there, howdy, welcome aboard, and feel free to catch up on previous editions on the Installer homepage.)

As we commence 2024 with this premier edition, the mere mention of this year feels somewhat surreal — I trust you had a delightful holiday season and a well-deserved break! Personally, most of my time was spent nursing a sick child, which led to a marathon of Elmo, The Office, and persistent attempts to outdo my high score in Holedown.

Recently, I’ve been engrossed in articles about cryptocurrency farms, AI influencers, and the enigmatic Tara Reid. Meanwhile, I’ve been breaking in my new Instant Pot air fryer (do share your favorite recipes!), delving into Matt Mullenweg’s annual “What’s in My Bag” post, exploring the r/KeyboardLayouts subreddit, enjoying a medley of songs hitting the 40-year mark, and decluttering my workspace.

In this issue, you’ll find a curated selection of new AI applications, a fresh game inspired by Wordle, intriguing watchlist recommendations, and noteworthy games and shows worth revisiting. While some of these gems may not be the latest releases, consider this edition a catch-up opportunity for your post-holiday perusal.

(As always, Installer thrives on your insights and recommendations. What topics spark your interest? What clever hacks do you swear by? Which apps deserve the spotlight? Share your thoughts with me at [email protected]. And if you wish to receive Installer in your inbox a day early, subscribe here.)

  • Microsoft Copilot: Positioned as Microsoft’s all-encompassing AI companion, competing with ChatGPT but boasting a more appealing interface. The introduction of a dedicated Copilot key on Windows keyboards signifies a significant advancement for Microsoft, marking the first new key in three decades.
  • Clicks Creator Keyboard: A nostalgic nod to 2012, this physical keyboard attachment for iPhones has reignited excitement. I’m curious if my fingers still retain the muscle memory for navigating a phone keyboard!
  • Bitconned: Joining the array of captivating documentaries on crypto rebels, this Netflix production offers a unique perspective by narrating a crime story from the perpetrator’s point of view. While not entirely factual, it presents an engaging narrative worth exploring.
  • iA Presenter: A boon for individuals aiming to create polished slide decks with minimal effort and maximum impact. The app’s simplicity, user-friendliness, and foolproof design make it a must-have tool. Its beta release on iPad and iPhone, in addition to its longstanding availability on Mac, further solidifies its appeal.
  • Trivial Pursuit Infinite: While not revolutionary, this game reminiscent of Wordle delivers a daily dose of trivia customized to your interests. The AI mode, albeit occasionally quirky, generates questions on diverse topics, injecting a fun element into your daily routine.
  • The First Time Somebody Has Ever “Beat” Tetris: A riveting 40-minute spectacle showcasing lightning-fast Tetris gameplay culminating in a thrilling yet oddly mundane conclusion. The intense gameplay and sheer athleticism make this achievement a must-watch. For further insights, refer to this informative video elucidating the significance of this accomplishment.
  • The StoryGraph: Earning widespread acclaim, this app has emerged as a haven for book enthusiasts, evident from its recent surge in popularity and innovative features like barcode scanning for book cataloging and a robust recommendations section. Anticipate finding me frequenting both this platform and Letterboxd throughout the year.
  • The Hollywood Reporter’s Full Songwriters Roundtable: An engaging discussion featuring accomplished songwriters such as Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, Cynthia Erivo, Julia Michaels, and Jon Batiste. Their insights on music creation, tools of the trade, and fostering creativity are a goldmine for music aficionados. Don’t miss out on the equally captivating Actress Roundtable.
  • Public Domain Day 2024: Commemorating the entry of iconic works, including Mickey Mouse, into the public domain. This milestone unlocks a wealth of movies, music recordings, and stories for creative exploration. Amid discussions on copyright law, let’s revel in these victories!
  • Tesla Cybertruck Full Tour!: Offering an in-depth tour of the Cybertruck, unveiling valuable insights and quirky details, including the revelation of wiper mysteries. This two-hour exposé delves into the Cybertruck’s features, ranging from the impressive to the downright eccentric.

Every so often, The Verge’s Richard Lawler ventures into the realm of Mac usage. Despite being primarily a Windows enthusiast and our esteemed news editor, Richard’s dynamic exploration of technology often leads him to experiment with various platforms. His critique of Mac’s window management tools and the reliance on third-party apps for basic functions never fails to ignite lively discussions — and rightfully so!

Richard’s homescreen setup, app preferences, and insights shed light on his streamlined approach to tech utilization:

The phone: Pixel 8 Pro.

The wallpaper: Showcasing this captivating photo on the lock screen, complemented by the serene “Icelandic Aurora” from Google’s wallpapers.

The apps: Google Home, Google Wallet, Camera, IoCare, Google Keep, Nest, Clock, Google Chat, Google Photos, TikTok, Google Recorder, HondaLink, Google Play, Phone, Messages, Chrome, Gmail, Overdrop.

Overdrop: Serving as Richard’s preferred weather app, Overdrop, despite occasional battery drain issues, remains unparalleled in providing essential weather updates. Its reliability in addressing crucial questions about snowfall intensity ensures Richard starts his mornings on the right note.

Among his essential apps, Google Keep holds a special place, acting as a digital repository for his notes. Enhanced by Action Launcher and Voxel’s themed icons, Richard’s homescreen exudes consistency and functionality, offering quick access to key features through customizable shortcuts.

Richard also shared his current interests, including:

  • Engaging in Apex Legends and Overwatch, complementing his podcast listening sessions.
  • Following Season 4 of Open Mike Eagle’s What Had Happened Was, a captivating narrative chronicling The Roots’ history and the late ‘90s rap era.
  • Immersing himself in NBA podcasts, with a recent favorite being State of the League by JokicJoestar, alongside indulging in nostalgic car ads on TikTok.

Testimonials from tech enthusiasts further amplify the diverse array of interests and discoveries within the tech landscape:

  • Matt commends Perplexity AI for its sleek UI and insightful information retrieval.
  • Sawyer praises the relaunch of Wrestle Kingdom 18 by New Japan Pro-Wrestling for its unmatched production quality.
  • Mario celebrates the innovative window management features of Spaces for Mac, highlighting its seamless integration with Raycast.
  • Andres applauds the groundbreaking iSH app for seamlessly running a Linux virtualization environment on iOS devices.
  • Kevin finds solace in Equinox for crafting custom wallpapers tailored to light and dark modes on Mac.
  • Daniel commends IceCubes as the premier Mastodon client, appreciating its aesthetic appeal, feature-rich interface, and open-source nature.

In my quest for bite-sized gaming experiences, I’ve embarked on discovering titles that offer quick bursts of entertainment. While Mario Tennis has long been a favorite for its accessibility, my recent fascination with Golf Plus on the Meta Quest has revealed an unexpectedly immersive golfing experience. Whether playing a quick hole between tasks or indulging in a few rounds during breaks, this serene game has become a staple in my gaming repertoire. Who would have thought I’d consider attaching a Quest controller to a real golf club for an authentic experience? The journey to becoming a golf aficionado commences now — wish me luck!

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