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### Alarming Potency: Staff’s Concern Over OpenAI’s Advanced Design

New model Q* fuelled safety concerns among staff with workers airing their fears to the board befor…

Before Sam Altman’s departure, OpenAI was reportedly working on an innovative approach that sparked safety concerns among staff members.

Some OpenAI specialists were so troubled by the design of the artificial intelligence that they reached out to the board of directors before Altman’s exit, cautioning about potential risks to humanity, as reported by Reuters.

The Information, a technical information website, revealed that the rapid advancement of the system, named Q* or “Q-Star,” had unsettled certain safety researchers. This model showcased the ability to tackle complex mathematical problems it had never encountered before, signifying a significant breakthrough in AI capabilities.

Following a period of turmoil at the San Francisco-based OpenAI, Altman was dismissed by the board last Friday but was rehired on Tuesday evening after nearly all 750 employees threatened to resign if he was not reinstated. Microsoft, the primary investor in OpenAI, also expressed support for Altman.

Concerns have been raised by numerous experts regarding the swift progression towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) by companies like OpenAI. AGI represents a system that could potentially surpass human control and perform tasks at or above human intelligence levels.

Andrew Rogoyski from the Institute for People-Centered AI at the University of Surrey hailed the development of a math-solving Large Language Model (LLM) as groundbreaking. He highlighted that LLMs inherently possess the capability to excel in mathematical tasks, expanding the realm of analytical skills offered by AI.

Altman, speaking just a day before his unexpected dismissal, praised the advancements made by the team behind ChatGPT, expressing his pride in pushing the boundaries of discovery and knowledge during an appearance at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit.

OpenAI, initially established as a nonprofit entity, now operates under a for-profit structure overseen by Altman. Microsoft stands as the primary commercial partner of the organization. As part of the ongoing transition, Bret Taylor, a former co-CEO of Amazon, is poised to assume the role of the new board chair at OpenAI.

The founder of ChatGPT envisioned the creation of “safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence for the benefit of humanity,” emphasizing the alignment of the for-profit entity with the nonprofit’s mission.

Rumors circulating about Altman’s dismissal due to conflicting views on security were dispelled by Emmett Shear, the interim chief executive, affirming that Altman’s departure was not linked to disagreements on safety protocols.

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Last modified: December 1, 2023
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