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### Davos Leaders Address Trust and Transparency Amid Rising AI Influence

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The 2024 World Economic Forum at Davos had a primary focus on rebuilding trust, with artificial intelligence taking center stage in discussions. The introduction of AI-powered chatbots has led to a significant trust deficit among the general public. A large portion of the American population expressed concerns last year, stating that the potential risks associated with AI outweigh its benefits. Similarly, in the EU, there was strong support for imposing restrictions on AI usage to safeguard employment opportunities and privacy.

Despite these apprehensions, corporations are increasingly integrating AI into their operations. According to the 2023 AI Adoption Index by IBM and Morning Consult, 73 percent of surveyed companies are actively implementing or exploring AI technologies within their organizations. Establishing AI systems based on trust and transparency could serve as a driving force for societal and economic advancement, fostering job creation in a new era and reshaping the world positively. However, persistent public distrust in AI could pose a significant obstacle to realizing the full potential of this technology.

In a special branded segment of Power Play, sponsored by IBM, the issue of trust in AI is explored in depth, along with potential strategies for rebuilding confidence in the technology among business and political leaders. Rob Thomas, the senior vice president of software and chief commercial officer at IBM, shares insights on ensuring the responsible deployment of AI, emphasizing the critical role of high-quality data in developing AI models for business purposes. He also highlights the importance of policymakers crafting regulations that support innovation while upholding ethical standards.

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Last modified: January 22, 2024
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