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### Voltron Data Acquires Claypot to Enable Real-Time AI with Flexible Data Systems

With Claypot’s technology and team, Voltron Data’s modular data systems will get real-t…

Today, Voltron Data, a company based in San Francisco, specializing in providing businesses with a flexible and customizable approach to developing data analytics systems, has officially announced its acquisition of the real-time AI software Claypot. The specific details of the transaction have not been disclosed publicly.

This merger will grant Voltron access to Claypot’s entire team, enabling them to enhance their services with real-time analytics capabilities. This advancement will empower businesses to leverage the latest data for applications such as fraud detection and personalization, ultimately optimizing their operations.

“We are excited to welcome all the founding members of Claypot AI to Voltron Data, where they will continue their work in real-time streaming and unified statistical control,” stated Josh Patterson, the CEO and co-founder of Voltron Data. “Over the past eight months, our teams have collaborated on building the initial streaming data server. We are enthusiastic about the prospects that lie ahead.”

Voltron Data is renowned for integrating cutting-edge resource technologies. Drawing inspiration from the fictional animated series Voltron, where individual piloted robots merge to form a larger, unified mecha, the company utilizes a blend of open-source systems like Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, and Ibis to streamline data processing and analysis.

The company’s core concept revolves around empowering teams to select the most suitable components at each level of the data stack, creating adaptable systems that can evolve to meet evolving organizational requirements. Recently, Voltron Data introduced the Theseus distributed keyword engine, leveraging Nvidia GPUs and other accelerators to expedite CPU-dependent data preprocessing tasks like ETL and feature engineering.

Claypot, founded by former professionals from Nvidia and Netflix, Device Huyen and Zhenzhong Xu, focuses on enabling businesses to make accurate predictions using real-time data, enhance operational insights, and expedite decision-making processes. By combining streaming and sample data processing, Claypot optimizes performance while balancing factors like cost and accuracy.

The integration of Claypot’s technology with Voltron Data’s systems will enable businesses to access real-time analytics seamlessly, enhancing their capabilities in architecture and MLOps with Theseus-powered solutions.

Voltron Data envisions a future where traditional data analysis and AI systems are revolutionized, with ongoing efforts to streamline operations across various sectors. While the exact timeline for Claypot’s integration remains uncertain, the company remains committed to advancing its vision of composability and hardware acceleration in real-time data and MLOps operations.

As Voltron Data continues to expand its client base across diverse industries, including collaborations with government agencies to improve query performance on massive datasets, the company remains dedicated to providing accelerated solutions for complex data challenges.

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