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– Silent Hill Ascension Developer Affirms Human Authorship Amid AI Allegations

The developer of Silent Hill Ascension has insisted the controversial interactive streaming series …

The developer of Silent Hill Ascension has affirmed that the contentious interactive streaming series was crafted by real individuals despite allegations suggesting it was generated by AI.

Initially criticized for its microtransactions, the group-based choose-your-own-adventure endeavor, which allows certain viewers to make cameo appearances as characters, faced scrutiny regarding its dialogue authenticity. This came to light when user @VoidBurger’s tweets cast doubt on Ascension’s script, pointing out peculiar lines and their delivery.

In response to these claims, Genvid CEO Jacob Navok clarified that the extensive script, comprising over 100,000 words, was entirely the product of human creativity and not AI-generated. He emphasized that a skilled team of writers, some with backgrounds in renowned titles like Telltale, Pixar, and Resident Evil Village, contributed to the project.

Despite Navok’s assurances, speculations surrounding the involvement of AI in Ascension persist, fueled by past statements from Genvid hinting at the potential use of AI characters in the series.

In a subsequent statement, Navok acknowledged that while AI testing had been conducted for Ascension, none of the outcomes were integrated into the final product. He dismissed the accusations as a slight against the hardworking developers.

The debate over AI’s role in creative industries, particularly in video games, has been a contentious issue, with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) even considering a strike as part of negotiations over the Interactive Media Agreement.

The use of AI in video game development has sparked concerns among voice actors, with instances of AI-generated content causing alarm within the industry. The ongoing discussions and disagreements underscore the complex relationship between AI technology and human creativity in modern media production.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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