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### Jill Biden Speaks on Health and Development at AWS IMAGINE Volunteer Meeting

The event gathered leaders and innovators to discuss how technology can positively impact healthcar…

On March 20, the AWS IMAGINE: Nonprofit Conference at Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) in Arlington, Virginia, featured remarks by First Lady Jill Biden. Various leaders from volunteer, systems, and healthcare organizations across the nation gathered to explore the potential of technology in enhancing vision outcomes. Dr. Biden commended initiatives aimed at advancing women’s wellness research and innovation, highlighting her role in spearheading the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, which seeks to revolutionize the approach to and funding of women’s health research in the United States.

During her address, First Lady Jill Biden emphasized the significance of the inaugural White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research launched by her and President Joe Biden in November. The initiative’s primary goal is to transform the methodologies and resources dedicated to women’s health studies in the country. She urged collaboration among various entities, including institutions, companies, investors, and local officials, to drive innovation and address the pressing medical challenges of our time, particularly in developing innovative treatments for women’s health.

Dr. Biden’s visit to HQ2 was met with enthusiasm as she shared an optimistic outlook on how technology is revolutionizing healthcare and wellness research. Dave Levy, VP of AWS global public business, expressed AWS’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery for governmental, nonprofit, and public sector clients, aligning with Dr. Biden’s vision.

AWS plays a vital role in empowering nonprofits with advanced technologies such as conceptual AI, analytics, and edge technology to foster progress and make a positive impact across various domains, from environmental conservation to the search for cures for rare diseases. Nonprofit leaders showcased inspiring examples of utilizing AWS technology to expedite their missions, including leveraging generative AI to support humanitarian and mental health organizations, utilizing high-performance computing for data analysis to mitigate risks and safeguard the environment, and employing machine learning to democratize access to health research and accelerate studies on cancer and infectious diseases.

Michael Hund, CEO of EB Research Partnership, lauded Dr. Biden’s advocacy for reducing structural health inequities, especially in women’s health, emphasizing the profound inspiration her words provided to nonprofit leaders striving to achieve ambitious objectives like finding cures, environmental protection, and expanding essential services worldwide.

AWS announced the availability of new funding through the AWS IMAGINE Grant for nonprofits and health organizations interested in utilizing generative AI for large-scale projects. This initiative includes the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center and the AWS IMAGINE Grant Pathfinder – Generative AI award, offering financial support of up to \(200,000 and AWS Promotional Credit of up to \)100,000 to maximize the impact of this technology.

The event, featuring speakers like Allyson Fryhoff, Bourhan Yassin, and Chris Anderson, highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to advance nonprofit missions, from developing solutions for environmental conservation to setting ambitious goals for curing rare diseases. Educational sessions covered key technology applications, including establishing a robust data foundation, responsible AI utilization, and technical workshops on AWS generative AI services.

Dr. Biden reiterated the White House’s dedication to advancing women’s health and research, a commitment shared by AWS through cloud-based solutions aimed at improving access to women’s healthcare. AWS reaffirmed its commitment to the AWS Health Equity Initiative, increasing its total commitment to $60 million in January 2024 to support initiatives like Jacaranda Health in providing maternal healthcare access across Sub-Saharan Africa using AWS AI and machine learning tools.

AWS continues its collaboration with nonprofit and community-based organizations globally to identify and implement the most effective technology solutions for their respective causes and communities. For further details on the AWS IMAGINE: Nonprofit conference, visit the official website.

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