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### AI is Gaining the Upper Hand Over Scientists

A machine learning-based weather prediction program called “GraphCast” can outperform traditional w…

The machine learning-driven weather prediction program known as “GraphCast,” developed by researchers at DeepMind, can rapidly forecast weather parameters for a ten-day period in under a minute. The researchers have highlighted that GraphCast has surpassed traditional weather prediction systems in accuracy by 90%.

Utilizing data from the two most recent days of Earth’s conditions, including information from the test time and six hours prior, the AI-powered weather forecasting tool can predict wind conditions up to six days in advance.

The practical application of AI technology has been demonstrated effectively. While conventional weather prediction methods used by scientists faced delays, GraphCast successfully predicted the landfall of Hurricane Lee on Long Island a full ten days ahead. Unlike traditional models that rely on intricate physics and fluid dynamics for accurate forecasts, GraphCast operates swiftly and efficiently.

In terms of speed and accuracy, GraphCast surpasses conventional technologies in climate prediction. It can anticipate severe weather phenomena like tropical cyclones and extreme heatwaves with precision. Scientists believe that the system will continue to enhance its ability to forecast temperature fluctuations associated with broader climate changes as it receives updated training data.

There are indications that GraphCast, or its foundational AI engine, may soon be integrated into mainstream services. Reports suggest that Google is exploring the integration of GraphCast into its products to meet the demand for enhanced wind simulations. Additionally, advancements in supercomputing technology are underway to improve weather forecasting capabilities, particularly for predicting hurricanes, as noted by the NOAA.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023
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