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**Legal Battle Ensues as Scarlett Johansson Challenges AI in Unauthorized Ad Featuring Her Image**

Scarlett Johansson is seeking legal action against an app that used her likeness and simulated voic…

The latest comedian to voice concerns about artificial intelligence is Scarlett Johansson.

As reported by Variety, the star of “Black Widow” has taken legal action against Lisa AI: 90s Magazine & Avatar, an AI image-generating application, over the unauthorized use of her likeness and voice in an advertisement previously posted online.

Johansson’s attorney emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating that they have pursued legal remedies in line with their standard protocol for such cases.

The advertisement, featuring footage of Johansson from behind the scenes of “Black Widow,” showcased AI-generated images of her alongside a voiceover before it was taken down on October 28.

An AI software that replicated Scarlett Johansson’s appearance and voice without her permission is currently facing a lawsuit.

Beyond mere character replication, the AI technology can also produce images from text and create AI-generated videos, expanding its capabilities significantly.

Despite the disclaimer “Graphics produced by Lisa AI” in the advertisement, Johansson has disassociated herself from the unauthorized usage of her image and voice.

Both Johansson’s representatives and the developers of the Lisa AI: 90s Magazine and Avatar apps were approached for comment but have not responded to requests.

Marva Bailer, an AI expert, suggested that Johansson’s public stance against the application could have unforeseen repercussions, speculating that the controversy might inadvertently boost the app’s popularity.

Tom Hanks, another prominent figure, recently addressed a similar issue where his likeness was used without consent in a dental advertisement, although he has not pursued legal action like Johansson.

The situation involving Johansson sheds light on the broader issue of unauthorized use of celebrities’ images and voices, prompting discussions about the legal and ethical implications of such AI applications.

Bailer highlighted the potential impact of fabricated advertisements on Johansson’s public image and future projects, hinting at a strong response from her legal team.

The incident underscores the need for clearer regulations regarding the right to publicity and the use of likeness, with discussions about potential federal legislation in the United States gaining traction.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023
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