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### Leading Executives Satya Nadella and Marc Benioff Spearhead OpenAI’s AI Talent Acquisition Amid Intense Competition

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has offered to match compensation to any OpenAI researcher who has tend…

More than 700 out of 770 employees at OpenAI expressed their intention to resign if the board did not reinstate their CEO following Sam Altman’s dismissal. This situation presents a significant opportunity for major tech companies seeking to expand their presence in the field of AI.

Marc Benioff emphasized that a person’s setback can also be an opportunity for advancement. He announced that any departing OpenAI scientist would receive a matching salary from Salesforce, as per the CEO’s statement.

Furthermore, OpenAI researchers who have presented a comprehensive compensation package, including cash and equity, to transition to Salesforce will be accommodated with a similar offer, as outlined in an online communication from Benioff. Additionally, any OpenAI staff member holding a U.S. work permit and facing potential job alterations due to organizational changes will be eligible for this arrangement, according to another message from the executive.

The transitioning OpenAI employees are expected to join Salesforce’s Einstein AI research division, led by Chief Scientist Silvio Savarese. This division focuses on exploring various aspects of AI, such as verbal AI, natural language processing, and the potential of AI to mitigate economic challenges. As of Monday, Salesforce had listed four job openings and two internship opportunities on its official website to bolster its research team.

Several other AI company CEOs have also publicized job openings, including positions related to AI at Meta and Nvidia. However, Benioff stands out for his generous offers, stating, “Einstein is the most advanced commercial AI system, completing 1 trillion predictive and generative transactions this week,” while encouraging new applicants to consider his message.

While Benioff’s initiatives are noteworthy, another major player in the industry, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, has hinted at the possibility of hiring dissatisfied OpenAI employees. In a statement, Nadella revealed plans for Altman and OpenAI President Greg Brockman to join Microsoft, along with their team, to spearhead the development of an innovative AI research unit.

Although OpenAI workers have indicated their willingness to transition to Microsoft under Altman and Brockman’s leadership, the company has not officially confirmed any mass hiring plans. The employees’ collective letter suggests a potential move to the new Microsoft-led venture, with assurances from Microsoft that opportunities will be available for all OpenAI staff members.

While Nadella has acknowledged Altman’s involvement, the specifics of Microsoft’s upcoming AI research division remain undisclosed. Reports from The Verge indicate that even if certain board members resign due to the recent upheaval, Altman and Brockman remain open to rejoining OpenAI. The aftermath of the leadership change is still unfolding, and some employees may seek a more stable work environment.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024
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