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### Enhancing Humanity: Samsung’s S24 AI Integration Redefines Human Interaction

Pen-equipped Ultra is this year’s hero, helped by ‘Circle to Search’ that lets you Google wit…

Samsung has positioned AI as the focal point of its annual flagship smartphone launch, showcasing the Galaxy Ultra as the successor to the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S 24 lineup, comprising a base model, a larger Plus model, and the feature-packed Ultra with an S-Pen stylus, maintains the familiar rectangular prism design with touchscreens and cameras.

Despite its premium price tag of \(1,299/£1,249/€1,589/AUD\)2,199, the Ultra took the spotlight in Samsung’s promotional campaigns, highlighting its real-time voice translation feature enabled by AI, specifically Google’s Gemini models. The demonstration emphasized AI-powered tools for enhancing handwriting input with the S-Pen and summarizing voice recordings using Samsung’s Voice recorder app.

Moreover, Google collaborated with Samsung to introduce “Circle to Search,” a unique feature allowing users to draw a circle on the screen to initiate searches without switching between apps, demonstrating the synergy between AI capabilities and user experience.

Throughout the presentation, Samsung underscored the pervasive role of artificial intelligence in optimizing photography, video capture, and power management within the S24 range. The Ultra model, in particular, boasts advanced AI functionalities for photo editing, blemish removal, and heat management, thanks to its upgraded SoC and innovative design elements like a titanium frame and enhanced cooling system.

The S24 Ultra offers variants with storage capacities of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, featuring a high-resolution 6.8” display, quad rear cameras, and a robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU configuration. In comparison, the S24 Plus and the standard S24 cater to varying budget preferences while maintaining performance standards and essential features like IP68 rating and Gorilla Glass protection.

Potential buyers are advised to consider the dynamic pricing strategies and promotional offers available on Samsung’s global websites, including trade-ins, direct purchase discounts, storage upgrades, and flexible payment options tailored to different regions.

While the allure of innovative features like Circle to Search and AI-driven functionalities may attract tech enthusiasts and early adopters, existing users may find the incremental upgrades compelling, especially considering Samsung’s commitment to long-term security and software support, aligning with Google’s extended update promises to prolong the relevance and competitiveness of the smartphone market.

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Last modified: January 19, 2024
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