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**Samsung Forecasts AI Screen-Equipped Smart Home Necessity**

Best known for its smart phones and TVs, Samsung is now betting that people will embrace robots int…

One of the premier technology trade shows globally, CES in Las Vegas, has a history of showcasing personal gadgets capable of mobility within spaces, controlling smart-home devices, and projecting streaming content onto walls.

Samsung is amalgamating these functionalities into its innovative venture, Ballie, a spherical house robot aimed at appealing to discerning customers seeking enhanced household assistance.

While Samsung has introduced purportedly beneficial devices at CES events in the past, the latest iteration of Ballie signifies the company’s earnest endeavor to develop a comprehensive home companion rather than a mere motor-powered smart vacuum. Samsung anticipates making Ballie available for consumers by 2024, resembling the size of a bowling ball.

Kang-il Chung, Samsung’s Vice President and head of the Future Planning division, expressed confidence in achieving the release target within the current year, emphasizing a seamless progression towards the goal.

The pricing details for Ballie remain unresolved, with Samsung contemplating potential membership fees for accessing the robot’s full spectrum of features.

Ahead of the official launch at Leurs, where AI and robotics are poised to dominate discussions, Ballie reemerges into the spotlight.

Samsung faces competition in its endeavor to introduce robotic elements into households, with LG set to unveil its Artificial Agent in 2025, offering advanced functionalities encompassing smart home control, environmental data collection, and interactive conversational abilities.

The tech industry anticipates a more receptive attitude towards home robots following these developments, suggesting a potential value proposition based on individual preferences and requirements.

Ballie by Samsung is designed as a versatile home assistant, equipped with LiDAR sensors for navigation, a 1080p projector for displaying content, and the capability to respond to voice commands or text messages remotely.

The robot’s adaptive features extend to recognizing family members, adjusting ambient settings upon entry, and catering to individual preferences and routines. Samsung envisions Ballie as a caregiver for household tasks, from tending to plants to monitoring pets, and even offering potential support for eldercare services.

Samsung’s ambition with Ballie reflects a significant leap in robotic technology, aiming to bridge the gap between promise and practicality. The company remains committed to realizing Ballie’s potential as a pivotal household companion, emphasizing the evolving landscape of automation and the integration of robotic assistants into everyday life.

As Chung envisions, the evolution of modern appliances and devices over the past decade underscores the plausibility of household robots becoming commonplace, reshaping domestic dynamics and expectations for the future.

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Last modified: January 9, 2024
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