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### Samsung Introduces AI-Enhanced Displays for 2024

New 8K, Neo QLED, and OLED TVs are on the way, each one packing some fancy AI-powered upgrades.

Samsung has revealed the specifics of its most recent TV range just before its keynote address at this year’s CES. Not surprisingly, AI is assuming an increasingly important role.

Les 2024: Delving into Future Technology

Samsung is utilizing AI for functions such as True Depth Enhancer Pro, which enriches foreground images and enhances the visibility of essential elements, in addition to Supersize Picture Enhancers that reduce image noise on larger screens. By employing artificial upscaling, content with lower resolutions is upgraded to appear higher in quality.

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Expanding its lineup of “supersize picture” offerings, Samsung has introduced the expansive 98-inch screen to various models including Neo QLED 8K, Neo QuLED 4Ks, Quadruples, and Crystal UHD TVs.

The spotlight this year is on six top-tier sets.

Leading the pack is the QN800D, offered in 65” and 85” sizes. These units are driven by the NQ8 AI Gen3, Samsung’s most cutting-edge processor, with double the processing speed of its forerunner and being the most compact 8K TV to hit the market.

Moreover, LG’s newest OLED Monitors are harnessing AI to provide exceptional visual and auditory experiences.

Samsung asserts that this TV supports a peak VRR of 4K 240Hz, ensuring seamless playback even during high-speed sequences. Featuring the integrated 7K AI Upscaling Pro, both standard definition and high definition content can be upscaled to 8K and 4KS resolution.

The Now + feature converts the TV into an interactive center, capable of exhibiting text messages, weather updates, and audio widgets when not in use.

The Infinity Air Stand, a stylish, mirror-like stand that creates a floating effect, is included in the QN series. Additionally, both models are compatible with Samsung’s One Connect Box, a secondary cable that consolidates audio and video signals from all connected devices for a tidier, more streamlined setup, now in a more condensed form.

Fans of the GalaxyS24 can save the date for Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event.

Next up is Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K series, available in sizes ranging from 43 to 98 inches and 55 to 85 inches. Notable features include the Effective Voice Amplifier Pro, which enhances dialogue and crucial audio effects to ensure clear and accurate sound reproduction as intended by the content creators.

Samsung introduces an AI Flexibility Mode that optimizes the display according to the content being viewed. By selecting your preferred image style for specific genres like sports, horror, or action, the TV utilizes AI to recognize scenes and adjust the display accordingly.

The S90D and S95D, two new OLED models, will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 77 inches. The S95D will be the first OLED TV to feature LED Glare-Clean technology, making it suitable for any viewing environment. Moreover, it will be one of the slimmest models on the market, measuring less than 11 mm.

Stay tuned for further updates, including pricing details and availability, at CES in the upcoming days.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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