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**Enhanced with Google’s Gemini AI, Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Unveiled**

Welcome to the era of the ‘AI phone.’

The Samsung S24 Series is set to incorporate Google’s innovative AI model, Gemini.

The partnership between Samsung and Google was revealed at Samsung Unpacked alongside the launch of the Galaxy S24 series. This latest iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphones introduces not just one, but two variations of Google’s AI model.

In the wake of last year’s surge in generative AI interest, companies such as Samsung are capitalizing on the trend by integrating robust AI models into various devices like smartphones, wearables, and other hardware. Microsoft, for instance, introduced a Copilot key to activate its AI assistant directly from keyboards, while Samsung is now promoting its devices as “AI phones.” The integration of multimodal and generative AI into smartphones signifies a natural progression in consumer-oriented AI technology.

Gemini Pro will be the driving force behind Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard applications, enhancing them with advanced summarization capabilities. Meanwhile, in the Gallery app, Google’s Imagen 2 text-to-image technology will empower users with sophisticated photo editing functionalities.

Although Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 leverage the capabilities of Google Cloud through a strategic partnership, the Galaxy S24 series will also feature an on-device AI model known as Gemini Nano. This lightweight model is tailored for generative AI tasks that demand lower computational resources. Notably, it enables new functionalities in Google Messages, such as adjusting the message tone to suit varying formality levels and generating AI-driven Photomojis. To ensure user privacy, Samsung has implemented a setting to process information exclusively on the device for features utilizing Gemini Nano.

Apart from the introduction of Gemini within the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, Google and Samsung have jointly unveiled a novel functionality named Circle to Search. This feature enables users to circle or scribble over any item they wish to search for, facilitating quick lookups within the same window.

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Last modified: January 18, 2024
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