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### Samsung Galaxy One UI 6.1 Update Integrates Facebook Pixel 8 AI Images

Samsung appears to be getting the generative AI wallpapers from the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro …

One UI 6.1, the forthcoming significant Android update from Samsung, is set to introduce additional functionalities alongside Android 14, with a notable focus on AI capabilities. Reports indicate that Samsung will be leveraging Google’s conceptual AI images, initially featured on the Pixel 8 series, excluding Galaxy phones, as per leaked visuals.

The Pixel 8 Pro significantly enhanced its AI offerings, particularly following the December 2023 Feature Drop, which brought enhancements like Video Boost and the Gemini Nano on-device AI model for Recorder. AI remains a key highlight of Google’s Pixel 8 lineup, with both applications boasting extensive AI functionalities.

One standout feature is the AI wallpapers software, enabling users to craft unique decor designs using AI assistance. While each creation is distinct, users are limited to predefined categories and choices, necessitating an internet connection for creation.

It appears that Samsung will adopt Pixel 8’s conceptual AI imagery for its Galaxy devices within the upcoming One UI 6.1 update.

@BennettBuhner shared images from One UI 6.1 over the weekend, showcasing relational AI wallpapers and hinting at this integration on Twitter/X. Similar to Google’s approach, users are presented with a broad theme before selecting decor options. Notably, the “Bloom” theme prompt describes “A hazy image of lavender flowers against a crimson space galaxy backdrop,” mirroring the swift preview on the Pixel 8 series.

This shared feature between Google and Samsung indicates a deliberate collaboration rather than a mere coincidence.

While Google’s teaser is comprehensive, Samsung’s version is more streamlined, with the Pixel using “Inspire Me” compared to Samsung’s “Surprise Me” prompt, as depicted in the image below.
BennetBuhner, a photo

One UI 6.1 is rumored to introduce climate effects on the taskbar, an editor similar to Google’s Magic Editor, “Auto Format” for notes, real-time transcription during calls (as previously announced), word limitations, and various AI-powered photo editing tools. These details align with earlier leaks and discussions.

The launch of One UI 6.1 is imminent, with expectations high for its rollout alongside the Galaxy S24 series.

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Last modified: February 7, 2024
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