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### Instant Phone Calling Conversion Feature Unveiled by Samsung’s “Galax AI”

Get ready for Galaxy AI.

Samsung is emphasizing its commitment to the Internet of Things (IoT) in a recent website article by introducing a new era of GalaxyAI for its smartphones. The company has provided a sneak peek into a forthcoming feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe phone calls in real-time.

Describing Galaxy AI as a comprehensive mobile AI experience, Samsung highlights the fusion of on-device AI developed in-house and cloud-based AI enabled through collaborations with industry leaders. This initiative aims to revolutionize the everyday mobile interactions by ensuring the security and privacy that users expect from Samsung.

One of the key features unveiled is Samsung’s “AI Live Translate Call,” integrated within the native phone application. This functionality promises real-time translations of both speech and text, all processed directly on the device.

Samsung has indicated that Galaxy AI is slated for an early release next year, hinting at its probable integration within the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones expected to debut in 2024. Additionally, the company showcased its conceptual AI model named Gauss, likely to drive innovative features on mobile devices starting the following year, suggesting its significant role in the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup.

The competition among smartphone manufacturers is intensifying with a focus on IoT-driven capabilities. Google, for instance, offers AI-powered tools for photo editing and enhancement in its Pixel 8 lineup. Apple’s substantial investments in AI research are anticipated to manifest in AI-driven functionalities for iPhones in the near future.

Furthermore, the landscape includes IoT-centric hardware products such as Humane’s mobile-enabled AI Pin, adding to the competitive dynamics in the market. For a sneak peek into Humane’s device, readers can refer to a leaked preview published ahead of the official launch event.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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