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**Introducing Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Phones Enhanced with AI Technology**

Samsung said it will unveil its newest Galaxy series on January 17, and it’s focusing heavily…

Samsung announced on Wednesday its upcoming release of the latest Galaxy series, with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) set to debut later this month.

A concise image statement from the company simply declares, “Gama AI is coming.”

Teasing the new lineup, Samsung hints at delivering “a fresh mobile experience enhanced by AI.”

Despite the widespread anticipation, Samsung notes that mobile technology has yet to fully leverage the benefits of AI. In a blog post last November, the company expressed its commitment to changing this narrative with the upcoming Galaxy release.

Describing Gama AI as a comprehensive mobile AI solution, Samsung highlights the integration of on-device AI technology developed in-house and cloud-based AI facilitated through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

The November blog post also hinted at an AI-driven feature: a real-time language interpreter for calls, likened to enabling subtitles while watching a show.

The surge in generative AI advancements, notably since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has significantly influenced consumer tech. While the specifics of the AI integration remain somewhat ambiguous, the industry focus appears to be shifting towards AI capabilities.

Historically, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have prioritized camera and display enhancements to attract consumers. However, the spotlight is now turning towards AI-driven functionalities.

Projections by Counterpoint Research suggest that by 2027, Samsung and Qualcomm will dominate the smartphone market share for AI-driven features.

In parallel, unconventional consumer AI devices are emerging, such as the highly anticipated portable Ai Pin from Humane, which has garnered mixed reactions. Additionally, reports indicate that Jony Ive, renowned for his work on iPhones, and Sam Altman are collaborating on OpenAI’s forthcoming product.

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Last modified: January 17, 2024
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