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### Sam Altman vying for CEO position at OpenAI

Altman’s move to Microsoft isn’t a done deal, and Ilya Sutskever’s flip to supporting Altman means …

The Uncertainty of Altman’s Transition to Microsoft and the Impact of Sutskever’s Allegiance Shift on Board Dynamics

The reported move of Sam Altman to Microsoft following his unexpected dismissal from OpenAI is not yet finalized. Sources reveal that Altman, along with Greg Brockman, the co-creator of carbon, are open to returning to OpenAI if the board members responsible for Altman’s ousting reconsider their stance.

The anticipated departure of a significant number of OpenAI staff, including Ilya Sutskever, a board member and prominent figure in Altman’s removal, has intensified the pressure on the board. With just two out of the three remaining board members needing to change their positions, the dynamics within the boardroom are at a critical juncture. Altman’s recent statement on X alludes to an ongoing battle for resolution.

Altman, Brockman, and the investors are actively seeking a diplomatic path for Altman’s reinstatement, according to a well-informed source who described the developments as a recurring pattern. The timing of Microsoft’s actions prior to the market opening on Monday underscores the urgency to address the situation promptly.

In a subsequent communication, Altman reiterated his commitment to ensuring OpenAI’s continued success and stability alongside Microsoft. However, Microsoft declined to provide any official statement on the matter.

Following Altman’s sudden removal, negotiations to reinstate him hit an impasse. While potential replacements for the board were being considered, the board itself was engaged in selecting a new CEO. The appointment of Emmett Shear as CEO seemed to signal the end of Altman’s potential return.

A power struggle ensued within OpenAI, with the majority of employees opposing the existing three-person board’s decision to remove Altman. This internal conflict escalated to the extent that employees in the San Francisco office refused to attend a scheduled meeting with the new CEO, Emmett Shear.

Notably, Ilya Sutskever, who played a pivotal role in Altman’s removal, reversed his position by advocating for Altman’s reinstatement in a message to the board. This plea garnered widespread support within the company.

As the situation unfolds, employees are actively maintaining operations and service stability to prevent a complete breakdown of operations while the board faces mounting pressure to reconsider their stance.

The current board members at odds with Altman’s potential return are Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, former GeoSim Systems CEO Tasha McCauley, and Helen Toner, the director of approach at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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