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### Guidelines for Artificial Audio: UMG and Roland Collaborate on Robot-Rockstar Debate

Will computers replace our favorite musicians? Universal Music Group and Roland weigh in, as AI mak…

In 2034, Taylor Swift has not given birth for years, and our cherished songwriters have been replaced by artificial intelligence systems. Universal Music Group (UMG) and Roland Corporation are collaborating to address this potential future scenario.

On Wednesday (March 20), UMG and Roland Corporation unveiled their “Principles for Music Creation with AI” to establish guidelines for the integration of artificial intelligence in music creation. While the principles lean towards the abstract rather than the practical, they emphasize the inseparable relationship between society and audio.

According to the companies, they are working towards developing an “ethical model” for creating music using AI. Additionally, they are jointly working on a research and development initiative to verify the authenticity of AI-generated music sources.

Michael Nash, UMG’s Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President, emphasized the importance of applying AI ethically and responsibly to enhance human creativity and expand the horizons of music production and technology.

The influence of AI is expanding into various domains, including writing. Inkitt, a company utilizing AI to generate books, recently secured a $37 million investment, enabling writers to leverage AI-generated prompts and ideas to enhance their creative process.

However, Zachary Weiner from Emerging Insider Communications highlighted the challenges posed by AI in the publishing industry, with AI potentially displacing human writers and editors as organizations seek cost-cutting measures and efficiency improvements.

AI’s impact is also evident in the gaming sector, with Hasbro partnering with Xplored to incorporate AI into the digital board game platform Teburu. This integration allows for dynamic gaming experiences that adapt to player decisions in real-time.

As AI continues to proliferate across industries, a significant portion of executives feel the urgency to adopt generative AI. Despite this, many companies lack the expertise to effectively implement generative AI solutions.

Consumer interest in AI-enabled entertainment and communication is on the rise, indicating a growing acceptance of AI-driven technologies among the general public.

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