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### Revealing the Top 15 Security Tools in Open Source Patch Tuesday Analysis

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: W…
  • Exploration of the Essential Role of Wi-Fi 7 in Corporate Networking
    Tiago Rodrigues, the Chief Executive Officer of Wireless Broadband Alliance, explores the innovative domain of Wi-Fi 7 in a session on Help Web Security, emphasizing its functionalities and the potential influence on the digital sphere.

  • Cybersecurity Challenges Amid the Expansion of APIs
    Vedran Cindric, the CEO of Treblle, discusses the swift proliferation of AI-driven APIs in a Support Web Security discourse, highlighting a remarkable 96% increase in 2023.

  • Introduction to DriveFS Sleuth: An Analytical Tool for Assessing Google Drive File Stream
    DriveFS Sleuth automates the scrutiny of Google Drive File Stream remnants, facilitating the interpretation of disk artifacts and the establishment of a methodical file system that showcases files chronologically along with their attributes.

  • Insights on the Focus of January 2024 Patch Tuesday on Printing
    An upcoming article provides a glimpse into the January 2024 Patch Tuesday, presenting expectations regarding software updates and recent advancements in IT patch management.

  • Anticipated Security Trends in 2024
    John Dwyer, the Head of Research at IBM X-Force, predicts a pivotal year for cyber threats in 2024, propelled by global occurrences and the infusion of advanced technologies such as AI in the Help Web Security sector.

  • Essential Open-Source Security Tools You Should Be Aware Of
    Explore a thoughtfully curated list of critical open-source security tools in an enlightening article.

  • The Convergence of AI and Software Development
    Greg Ellis, the General Manager of Application Security at Digital, imparts insights on how artificial intelligence is transforming the technology landscape and revolutionizing software development in a Support Online Security feature.

  • Insights on Key Statistics Regarding the Security Skills Gap
    Extract valuable insights from a 2023 study on knowledge gaps to optimize your organization’s security recruitment procedures.

  • Enhancing Verification Procedures
    Bassam Al-Khali, the co-CEO of Axiad, shares key discoveries from the latest State of Authentication Survey in a Support Internet Security video.

  • Global Impact: 1,800 Finance Apps Targeted by 29 Malicious Groups
    Zimperium reports a surge in malicious endeavors directed at finance applications globally, underscoring the convenience and risks associated with intelligent banking apps.

  • Advanced Strategies Employed by Hackers to Elude Detection
    Cequence Security sheds light on threat actors’ utilization of subtle, prolonged tactics to evade detection during peak shopping periods and seamlessly blend with legitimate traffic.

  • Consumer Reaction to Security Issues: Brand Loyalty in Jeopardy
    Vercara discloses that over 800,000 attacks targeted companies in 2023, with DDoS incidents surpassing 60,000 and ransomware impacting 4,000 entities, prompting consumers to be prepared to switch brands.

  • Clarifying Cybersecurity Budgets: Insights and Misconceptions
    Dive into a review of 2023 security finance research to refine your organization’s security strategies and dispel common misconceptions in the field.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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