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– Unveiling Kyutai Research Lab: Embracing the Frontiers of Cognitive Science

Kyutai, the first European private-initiative laboratory dedicated to open research in artificial i…

The Non-Profit Labs was founded through a collaboration involving SchmidtFutures, the tale Group, and the CMA CGM Group.

The research labs have secured $110 million in funding from the tale group and the CMA CGM group, respectively. Schmidt Futures has also joined as a co-founder, establishing a lasting partnership based on their mutual commitment to this initiative.

Kyutai, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to conducting unrestricted artificial intelligence (AI) research. Its primary objective is to tackle key challenges in contemporary AI by developing large bidirectional models and innovative algorithms to enhance their capabilities, reliability, and efficiency.

A team of researchers with diverse academic and business backgrounds has recently become part of Kyutai.

“I aim to empower the younger generation to leverage the full potential of this technology through our new investment in artificial intelligence,” said experts will be equipped with the necessary tools to shape the future thanks to Kyutai. According to Rodolphe Saadé, the president and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, this initiative will attract top global professionals to address the challenges posed by AI.

Xavier Niel, the president and leader of the tale Group, emphasized that Europe is well-positioned to excel in the AI race. He highlighted the exceptional talent of French scientists, the robust computing resources available, and the vibrant AI ecosystem. By establishing an AI research facility in Paris, they aim to further accelerate progress, enabling the entire European AI community to benefit from Kyutai’s advanced and reliable AI models.

“We are assembling a world-class research team to tackle the key issues in modern AI and achieve our objectives,” stated Patrick Pérez, the CEO of Kyutai, expressing excitement about sharing the initial research findings with the broader society.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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