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### Rep. Ro Khanna Advocates for Redistributing AI Wealth and Empowering Workers in Technology Deployment

The Silicon Valley Democrat said he would like to see workers better represented on the boards of A…

Rep. Ro Khanna is advocating for a more equitable distribution of wealth generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and increased involvement of workers in the decision-making processes related to AI deployment. The Silicon Valley Democrat emphasizes the importance of workers having a voice in AI companies’ boards and being consulted when AI tools are implemented in government operations and beyond.

In an interview with FedScoop, Rep. Khanna expressed his focus on ensuring economic opportunities for workers amidst the evolving landscape of AI technology. He highlighted the need to address potential job changes, safety concerns, and disruptions that may arise from AI adoption while emphasizing the fair sharing of wealth generated by AI advancements.

To empower workers in influencing AI technology deployment, Khanna proposed the enactment of legislation that mandates inclusive practices by AI companies and government agencies. He underscored the necessity of involving workers in decision-making processes, suggesting measures such as including labor representatives on technology committees and boards of directors.

Furthermore, Rep. Khanna aims to redirect the wealth and resources generated by AI in Silicon Valley to benefit other regions across the country, acknowledging the widening economic gap that AI advancements may exacerbate.

Additionally, Khanna’s tech priorities in Congress include holding federal tech leaders accountable for delays in improving government websites and services. While acknowledging the complexity of enacting comprehensive AI regulation, he outlined key focus areas for potential legislation, including safety measures, prioritizing human decision-making over machine autonomy, promoting economic fairness, and combating misinformation and deep fakes.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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