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– Nationwide Implementation of AI-Powered Police Surveillance Cameras: Report

The use of the technology has raised privacy concerns.

Artificial intelligence has been heralded as a potential game-changer in the realms of science and medicine, and reports now indicate its utilization in law enforcement to bolster surveillance efforts for crime prevention.

An investigation conducted by 404 Media has uncovered that over 100 police departments and municipalities nationwide are employing an AI-driven system that grants authorities “direct access” to private cameras owned by residents and businesses.

This network encompasses approximately 200,000 interconnected cameras, with Fusus, a company highlighted by 404 Media, consolidating the feeds into a centralized location. The software platform effectively transforms ordinary cameras into intelligent ones equipped with object recognition capabilities for identifying items, individuals, and specific vehicles.

Essentially, the software is capable of scanning video footage to pinpoint individuals wearing specific attire or driving particular vehicles.

According to Slate, Fusus has positioned itself as a tool to prevent school shootings and has forged partnerships with educational institutions in California, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Despite its touted benefits, the use of this technology has sparked concerns regarding privacy. 404 Media obtained information on police department adoption from a researcher who expressed disgust towards the technology.

While law enforcement agencies and municipalities argue that the technology enhances modern policing practices and augments “situational awareness,” critics contend that the system encroaches on privacy boundaries and presents a risk of potential misuse by authorities.

In Rialto, California, the Los Angeles Daily News disclosed that every new commercial and residential development is mandated to install a Fusus-enabled camera. The city emphasized that as the Fusus network expands within Rialto, the Police Department’s capacity to combat crime and respond to incidents with precise information crucial for community safety will also grow.

Apart from Rialto, the software finds application in other cities such as Atlanta, Miami, and Orlando, Florida.

404 Media leveraged the data to craft an interactive map showcasing the cities and police departments leveraging this technology.

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Last modified: January 19, 2024
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