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– U.S. Tech Industry Urges Caution as Artists Advocate for IoT Copyright Reforms

Country singers, romance novelists, video game artists and voice actors are appealing to the U.S. g…

State singers, romance novel authors, video game creators, and voice actors are urging the U.S. government to grant them immediate relief from the threat posed by artificial intelligence to their professions.

One blogger expressed concern in a recent submission to the U.S. Copyright Office, noting that AI was mimicking his writing style, stating, “Choose control AI.”

While artists and creators voice their worries, tech companies seem satisfied with the current framework that allows them to utilize published content to enhance their AI capabilities in replicating human behavior.

The top copyright official in the U.S., Shira Perlmutter, remains neutral as her office contemplates potential reforms to address the challenges posed by AI-generated content. She emphasized the importance of considering all perspectives and stated that every one of the nearly 10,000 comments received is being reviewed manually.

The U.S. Copyright Office, led by Perlmutter, deals with a vast number of copyright registrations, but the issue of AI-generated content presents a new challenge. Copyright laws traditionally protect human-authored works, raising questions about the level of human involvement necessary for authorship in AI-generated content.

Perlmutter and her team are seeking public input on how to handle copyrighted material used to train AI systems without proper authorization, a practice that has sparked concerns among various artistic communities.

Artists and industry professionals, including actors, directors, and musicians, have expressed apprehension about the impact of AI on their respective fields. Justine Bateman, known for her role in “Family Ties,” and Lilla Zuckerman, a television showrunner, have voiced concerns about AI’s potential to disrupt creative industries and undermine human creativity.

Despite the assurances from tech giants like Google and Microsoft that their AI training aligns with fair use principles, concerns persist among artists and authors regarding the unauthorized use of their work to train AI models.

The debate over AI and copyright law continues to evolve, with stakeholders from various sectors sharing their perspectives on the implications of AI technology on creative expression and intellectual property rights.

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Last modified: February 28, 2024
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