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– Deloitte Introduces Artificial Intelligence Bot to Users

About 75,000 staff given access to ‘PairD’ tool with advice to validate ‘accuracy and completeness’

In a bid to enhance efficiency, Deloitte has distributed a relational artificial intelligence chatbot to 75,000 employees across Europe and the Middle East. This chatbot is utilized for tasks such as composing emails, coding, and developing PowerPoint presentations.

In October, the prominent accounting and consulting firm, part of the Big Four, introduced the internal tool named “PairD” in the UK. This move reflects the trend among professional service firms to embrace AI technology.

Employees were cautioned about the potential generation of inaccurate information by the chatbot, highlighting the early stage of development of this technology.

As per an individual familiar with the matter, clients have been advised to perform their own quality checks before relying on the chatbot for accuracy and completeness.

Unlike competitors who have partnered with established players like Harvey and ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Deloitte’s AI bot was internally developed at the company’s AI university.

This deployment illustrates the increasing adoption of AI in the specialized services sector for task automation.

PwC, a rival of the Big Four, is leveraging AI in its legal and tax departments to accelerate employee workflows by summarizing extensive documents and identifying compliance issues. Similarly, Allen & Overy, a legal powerhouse, has introduced an AI tool for contract negotiation that generates initial contracts for subsequent attorney review and modification.

Deloitte reports that employees can utilize the “PairD” tool for various tasks including email responses, content creation, job automation scripting, presentations, research, and meeting agenda preparation.

The integration of AI comes at a time when there is reduced demand for certain services offered by professional firms due to challenging economic conditions, leading to cost-cutting measures. The Big Four firms—Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC—have all initiated efficiency programs in response.

Costi Perricos, Deloitte’s conceptual Artificial Intelligence leader, emphasized that the rollout of PairD aligns with the company’s long-term AI investment strategy, underscoring the importance of utilizing these tools effectively to drive value.

Prior to using the tool, Deloitte employees are required to complete a training program.

Furthermore, Deloitte announced that Scope, a UK-based disability charity, will have complimentary access to PairD.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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