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### Overcoming Anxiety: Embracing Writing Tools Despite AI’s Intimidation

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a sack full of ink pens and pencils she got from a store getting …

A colleague recently gifted me a bag filled with ink pens and pencils that she had purchased from an online retailer, as they were no longer selling that particular product.

Receiving this present brought me immense joy as I have a deep appreciation for writing tools. Like many former lawyers and teachers, I often find myself hoarding such items. Every quarter, we visit stores to admire and smell the school supplies, even though we already have plenty at home. Despite this, we usually end up buying a few more items—it’s almost a ritual.

After promising my friend that I would donate some of my abundance to schools, I shared a few pens. I also planned to send some to students through a retired teacher friend whose son is an executive at a high school. Knowing her fondness for pens, she mentioned that her brother might also receive a few.

This whole experience inspired me to write about my passion for writing tools. While I had many ideas in mind, a question about my familiarity with and use of an artificial intelligence website caught my attention. Despite being retired and somewhat oblivious to the AI trend, I decided to explore ChatGPT.com to stay updated.

To my surprise, the AI-generated content based on my narrative plan was not only impressive but also somewhat intimidating. It seemed to have more developed thoughts than I had envisioned, almost on par with my own writing. This revelation left me in a state of shock and disbelief, hindering my creative process out of fear of imitation.

The revelation that AI potentially utilizes scanned works of writers, including mine, raised ethical concerns about intellectual property. The Authors Guild’s class-action lawsuit against Open AI, the entity behind ChatGPT, underscores the contentious issue of alleged plagiarism and intellectual property rights in the digital age.

Returning to my admiration for pens, I cherish the way they glide across paper, the array of vibrant colors they offer, and the satisfaction of seeing one’s writing come to life. While the AI-generated account touched on aspects of sharing writing online and connecting with others, I find solace in my current circle of pen enthusiasts and have no desire for additional virtual friendships.

The AI narrative mentioned an artist using pens to create intricate designs and patterns, adding depth and personality to their artwork—a sentiment I appreciate, even though the words were not my own.

Despite its capabilities, I have decided to refrain from sharing my story ideas with ChatGPT due to the unsettling nature of the experience.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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