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### When Artificially Generated Blues Music Takes a Dark Turn

Suno is astonishing music fans — and angering them. Hear more uncanny AI creations, learn how it wo…

In the realm of AI and audio synthesis, experts previously projected that it would be years before a device could transform plain text descriptions into fully produced songs. However, a breakthrough has emerged from Suno, a startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts, unveiling their latest model, v3, which now enables the creation of intricately produced songs, complete with vocals, accessible to the public as of today.

Recently, in a release exploring the Future of Music, an evocative acoustic blues track titled “Soul in the Machine” was featured. This song, inspired by the prompt “Mississippi Delta blues song about a sad AI,” quickly gained traction, amassing over 36,000 plays in just four days. Its reception sparked discussions on various topics like cultural appropriation, the undisclosed training data utilized by Suno, the impact of technology on human artists, and more.

In the latest episode of Rolling Stone Music Now, additional compositions crafted using Suno’s v3 model are showcased, accompanied by an interview with Mikey Shulman, co-founder of the company. Furthermore, the podcast delves into insights from Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, who shares his initial reactions to “Soul in the Machine.” Reid expresses a mix of emotions ranging from wonder to shock and horror, particularly noting the unsettling use of African-American musical elements to showcase the AI’s human-like capabilities.

Reid further reflects on the technical marvel of the AI-generated piece, marveling at the attention to detail in simulating not just the music but also the ambiance of a recording environment. The utilization of various sources, including the Alan Lomax archive, to train Suno’s AI adds a layer of complexity to the discussion. Despite the concerns raised about the potential implications of AI automation in creative endeavors, Reid emphasizes the enduring resilience and creativity of human artists faced with this evolving landscape.

For those interested in exploring more episodes, including in-depth interviews with a diverse array of music icons, Rolling Stone’s weekly podcast, Rolling Stone Music Now, hosted by Brian Hiatt, is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms. Dive into a rich archive of episodes featuring engaging conversations with renowned artists across different genres, providing a comprehensive exploration of the music industry’s past, present, and future.

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