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### MyShell unveils new AI technology for replicating OpenVoice messages

A new open-source AI called OpenVoice offers voice cloning with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

OpenVoice, a cutting-edge open-source AI platform, offers unparalleled speed and precision in message replication.

Developed by a collaboration of researchers from MIT, Tsinghua University, and the French company MyShell, OpenVoice excels in mimicking voices with remarkable accuracy. It requires only a brief snippet of music to replicate voices effectively, providing users with precise control over voice characteristics such as tone, emotion, rhythm, and more.

Recently unveiled by MyShell, OpenVoice is accompanied by links to research papers detailing its technology and video demonstrations available on HuggingFace for users to experience firsthand.

In a recent announcement, MyShell emphasized their commitment to democratizing AI by releasing the OpenVoice algorithm to the public. They invite users to explore the capabilities of OpenVoice at MyShell’s website, highlighting its ability to clone voices with exceptional accuracy and nuanced control over various aspects of speech.

MyShell’s innovative approach leverages two distinct AI models to enable instant tone cloning and text-to-speech conversion. The first model encompasses a wide range of English structures, accents, sentiments, and speech patterns, drawing insights from 30,000 audio samples across English and Chinese languages. The second model, known as the “voice converter,” was trained on an extensive dataset of over 300,000 samples and 20,000 voices.

By combining these models, OpenVoice empowers users to swiftly replicate voices by fusing a general conversational model with a provided voice sample, outperforming Meta’s Voicebox alternatives in terms of efficiency.

Originating from Calgary, MyShell, founded in 2023, positions itself as a decentralized platform dedicated to AI software development and exploration. With substantial initial funding of $5.6 million and a user base exceeding 400,000, MyShell not only leads in rapid tone cloning but also offers a range of user-centric services including text-based RPGs, meme generators, personalized chatbot interfaces, and more. Certain features are accessible via subscription, and the company generates revenue by charging app developers for utilizing its platform to promote their bots.

MyShell’s strategic focus revolves around expanding its user base and ecosystem by open-sourcing voice replication capabilities through HuggingFace while simultaneously monetizing its broader app environment.

For those interested in delving deeper into AI and big data technologies, MyShell recommends exploring the AI & Big Data Expo held in London, California, and Amsterdam, coinciding with Digital Transformation Week—an event tailored for industry professionals seeking insights into cutting-edge technologies and AI advancements.

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Last modified: January 16, 2024
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