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### Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Communication Strategies in American Committees: Insights from Seat Holder Latta

The Committee on Energy and Commerce is the oldest standing legislative committee in the U.S. House…

D. Washington C. During today’s briefing, Bob Latta (R-OH), who leads the House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee, opened the session with the theme: “Utilizing AI to Enhance American Communications.”

“Good morning, and thank you to our witnesses for joining us to discuss the importance of artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, within the communications and technology sectors.”

Nevertheless, AI transcends mere science fiction.

“AI technologies are utilized across various industries,” encompassing numerous companies within the committee’s jurisdiction, where this technology holds the potential to greatly improve our daily lives.

There is no universal method for regulating this technology, nor should there be. By enacting comprehensive data protection laws akin to those in the US, we can establish the foundation for the data that fuels many of these innovative AI tools, unlocking the full potential of AI.

It is crucial to ensure that the integration of AI is guided by ethical values and American principles as it becomes integrated into various aspects of our society.


AI applications in the communications sector aim to enhance service quality and reliability, combat the issue of robocalls, address cybersecurity threats, and ensure a safe online environment for children.

AI is leveraged to provide faster and more reliable Internet services. Advanced systems utilize sophisticated models to predict when and where customer demand for services will peak, whether individuals are accessing healthcare, working remotely, enjoying entertainment, or engaging in online gaming.

“Network users currently benefit from digital systems that rapidly detect disruptions, employ detailed analytics to pinpoint the root cause of the issue, and expedite the restoration of online services for Americans.”

“AI algorithms are employed to optimize radio frequency utilization for an enhanced user experience, not only in wired but also wireless systems.”


Certain AI models in security utilize algorithms to detect potential threats and learn from past network behaviors to establish proactive defense mechanisms.

The utilization of AI in content moderation serves as a crucial tool in combating harmful content and violations on various platforms. The functionalities of AI are instrumental in creating more secure and engaging user environments.

“AI, much like humans, is not infallible.” Unintended biases may exist in AI systems due to human-crafted algorithms, potentially leading to discriminatory outcomes.

Ensuring proper training and development of these systems with enhanced accountability is “vital in safeguarding the algorithms utilized by major tech companies.”

These represent only a fraction of the vast applications of AI technology. AI will facilitate seamless transitions between different modes of communication, whether at home or in transit, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

The ethical and responsible deployment of AI is paramount, as this technological advancement, despite its benefits, poses various challenges.

Today’s discussion will delve into the myriad applications and benefits of AI. Additionally, we will explore the significance of AI governance for both economic prosperity and national security in the United States.

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Last modified: February 10, 2024
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